July 4, 2022

Gironde: “A thug uses the name of my company to defraud people on the Internet”

David Duchamp, at his depot in Saint-Symphorien (Gironde). The boss of David Bois holds in his hand the complaint lodged with the gendarmerie. (© The Republican)

“For the past few days, the phone has not stopped ringing. I receive several phone calls. David Duchamp still can’t believe it. This inhabitant of Saint-Symphorien, in Gironde, created his business selling firewood five years ago. Today he finds himself mingled with an incredible internet scam.

What’s happening ? A stranger pretends to be him, uses the name of his company, to sell wood at an unbeatable price… But the delivery never arrives. And the customers, exasperated, then call the Paroupian.

The first time, the boss of David Bois did not immediately understand.

“Someone contacted me and said, ‘I’m waiting for my wood! You have to deliver it to me, I paid! I made the transfer! I told him that I didn’t work like that, people pay on delivery, by check or in cash, but never by wire transfer. “

David Duchamppatron of David Bois, in Saint-Symphorien

There is eel under the rock … A few minutes later, the Saint-Symphorien entrepreneur receives the screenshots of the website in question. He is categorical: “It is not mine. ” The conclusion : someone pretends to be him in order to scam internet users.

A well-oiled scam mechanic

His site is david-boisdec Heating-langon.fr. The site where customers are tricked is david-bois.com.

The crooks promise insured deliveries everywhere in France. They even set up a chat system to respond live. On this one, the thugs are brief and, fairly quickly, invite customers to “spend their time. [votre] order “:” The sooner we receive your order and immediately we will proceed to delivery. The delivery time is 48 hours maximum. “

How do customers get on it? Via LeBonCoin or even MarketPlace, Facebook’s purchasing platform.

Baited by attractive prices, they see little by little the noose tightening. The trap is thoughtful, methodical, efficient.

The scammers say they come from Saint-Symphorien but do not know how to place the town on the map.

Except that the crooks did not take care to review their geography before … We contacted them, pretending to be interested clients. And when asked where they are located, they push the envelope even further, ensuring that the wood comes directly from Saint-Symphorien (33113). But, alas for them, they situate the city rather badly. “Between Marseille and Aurillac”, do we question them? Their response: “In the Center. ”

Screenshot of the online chat with the scammers.
Screenshot of the online chat with the scammers. (© document Le Républicain Sud-Gironde)
Screenshot of the online chat with the scammers.
Screenshot of the online chat with the scammers. (© document Le Républicain Sud-Gironde)

The story could give rise to a smile. But the real boss of David Bois, he is well and truly recovered. “They stole the name of my company”, enraged David Duchamp. That’s not all…

“The worst part is that in addition, in the various information, they use the address of my head office, which is also the address of my house. All of this makes me very angry. “

David Duchamppatron of David Bois, in Saint-Symphorien

Today, therefore, the young inhabitant of Saint-Symphorien finds himself assailed by calls. “People have paid, but never receive their order. Suddenly, they type “david bois” on the Internet. The first result is my cell phone number. And so they call me thinking they ordered me. “

Monday, December 20, 2021, David Duchamp went to the Saint-Symphorien gendarmerie brigade, a few hundred meters from his depot, to file a complaint. “I take this business very badly, assures the person concerned. I created my company five years ago, I put a lot of energy into it. It gives me a bad image. “

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