July 1, 2022

Gender inequalities in the company: the fight continues

On Wednesday November 3, 2021 at 9:22 a.m., the days that separate us from the end of the year represent the pay gap that remains between men and women. For women, this therefore symbolically amounts to working without being paid. Each year, the newsletter “ The Glorious Does the math on the basis of the gender pay gap, calculated by Eurostat, the European Union’s statistics body. The salary difference reached 16.5% this year, against 15.5% in 2020. According to Les Glorieuses, in 2020, women constitute 83% of part-time workers, and 62% of unskilled jobs. In 2017, INSEE added that the gender pay gap reached 29.4% in France from Bac +3 or more.

Faced with these inequalities, associations do not remain powerless. We were fortunate to be able to interview two associations to find out about their actions to promote women within companies.

Association of Women Entrepreneurs France

Sylvie Plunian President of the network of women entrepreneurs in Marseille

In 1945, at the end of the war, the Women Business Leaders association was created by Yvonne-Edmond Foinant. Its creator is one of the first women to be elected to the Paris Chamber of Commerce in 1945 but also the first woman to join the Economic and Social Council within the industrial section. Thereafter, she will play a major role in the creation of networks and associations of women entrepreneurs, in France, in Europe but also in the world.

« Encouraging women to take responsibility in employer mandates, inform them, train members and promote solidarity, friendship, as well as the sharing of experience through privileged links, all these missions constitute the vocation of FCE. All women entrepreneurs de facto and de jure, that is to say who manage their business, are financially responsible can join the group. », Affirms Sylvie Plunian, president of the network of women entrepreneurs of Marseille, and also director of Catova. She specifies that« this association is not a feminist action group. She supports women in the management of their businesses.»

Once a month, a gathering is organized, prepared by each delegation, to present an inspiring man or woman. The week of October 25, 2021, a director of the Banque de France spoke at an event in Aix-en-Provence. Within the association, communication between members is important. The association has social networks and a website in particular, but has no financial partner to financially support the members of their association. Congresses are also organized, such as the 23th FCE national congress which took place in Nice from October 7 to 9, 2021. Several themes were discussed such as the health crisis, the essence of the company, personal development, etc.

« Men and women are equal so it is their skills that must differentiate individuals»

Sylvie Punian

Sylvie Plunian declares that in her company,« there is no gender consideration in team management.“And to continue:” the woman is a man like the others, the men and the women are equal so it is their skills which must differentiate the individuals between them, during a job search for example. I am looking for people who are competent in their fields. Parity has shown that women are ultra competent. For me, it is the place of women in society that is deteriorating the most. Problems like street harassment is a recurring problem and not developed enough in the media.»

FETE women equality employment

The FETE association at the heart of professional equality

The association FETE (Femmes Egalite, Emploi), based in Dijon, was created in 1991. Its objective is to advance professional equality between women and men in all its components.

FETE implements actions aimed at various audiences, in particular companies, unions, colleges, high schools, local authorities, or even employment and training professionals.

Solène Malaman, project manager in the FETE organization, indicates that« the association acts for equal treatment between men and women in all component strategies of work, from working conditions to vocational training, including remuneration.»

Target low-mix businesses

“Professional equality: let’s continue the action” is an interregional program aimed at companies with 50 or more employees. This support and support program for union representatives in company negotiations on professional equality is carried out in three regions: Bourgogne Franche-Comté, Hauts de France and Grand Est. Since companies are required to provide precise statistics on professional equality within their company, it is from these results that FETE can support and advise them for the negotiations of an equality agreement. Several action plans have also been put in place by FETE, such as forums called “Mix & Match”, during which women looking for employment or retraining can come and meet single-sex companies who wish to recruit or promote their skills. employment of women in their “male” sector of activity.

FETE also has the financial support of multiple partners for these different actions. Since 2014, FETE has been working with high schools in Bourgogne-Franches-Comté in setting up high school equality plans. These are intended to reflect and act with educational teams around the issue of equality between women and men and, by extension, equality between girls and boys. FETE also wants to make students think about the place of women in the professional world and make them aware that many professions are available to them and that they should not limit their career choices according to stereotypes. .

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