May 24, 2022

French companies most established abroad

These essential French companies abroad

The world and France, it’s a love story: the story of 1.6 million French people living abroad taking up the challenge of expatriation and for some of the international expansion of their business. The tricolor companies contribute to the economic influence of France and extend the borders of France to a global mapping. According to the ranking of 100 largest companies in the world of the consulting and audit firm PwC, France occupies the 5th position. The result of the influence and superpowers of four French companies established internationally : LVMH, Total, L’Oréal and Sanofi. These Fantastic 4 total around $ 532 billion in market capitalization. Immediate take-off in business class, direction the world!

The top of the French podium abroad

LVMH: Truly Haut La Main

To embody French luxury was the gamble of LVMH, managed to become the world leader in luxury thanks to all of its companies. His companies located all over the world are present in a large number of different sectors: leather goods, jewelry, watchmaking, perfumery, cosmetics, wines and spirits.

The Suitcases in the Hands, Hop, direction the United States where the group is implanted with 866 stores. Then, the conquest of asia was made with 1,514 stores and particularly in Japan with 428 stores. The first of the class remains l’Europe with the establishment of 1,175 stores and the last one, but in progress, Latin America with 508 stores.


Total: the giant of black gold

Created in 1924 to allow France to occupy a key place in the oil and gas adventure, the company TotalEnergies has never ceased since to be animated by a genuine pioneering spirit. The group knew to establish itself all over the world, or more than 130 pays spread over five continents: Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Americas, the Middle East and Europe. And we understand why … knowing how to put your hands in black gold is also knowing how to spread it. Thus, the group is one of the leading international oil and gas companies and number 1 in oil distribution in Africa.


L’Oréal: because I’m worth it

In 2019, L’Oreal confirms its position as world leader in beauty with a strong presence in these three geographic areas: Western Europe, North America and the New Markets (Asia Pacific, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Africa and the Middle East). Their number one place, the group is well worth it with the obsession to create and develop innovative and diversified cosmetic products. The bet to spread the beauty in more than 150 countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, China and Chile will have enabled the group to build a unique portfolio of international and influential brands. At 50, this group is still worth it!


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Sanofi: excellent health

Sanofi France, French leader in healthcare, was created in 2004 by the merger between the two French companies: Sanofi-Synthélabo and Aventis. This company is one of the leaders in the global pharmaceutical market and offers drugs, generics, consumer health products and vaccines. Several companies Sanofi are established around the world to support its mission.

There is no doubt that the group is in excellent health! And this, thanks to the 13,400 people who worked for the Sanofi group in the United States and the 38,772 employees who work in emerging markets as well as in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and China.


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The 4 new fantastics in the world

BlaBlaCar: on the way abroad


BlaBlaCar was founded in 2006 by Frédéric Mazzella, Francis Nappez and Nicolas Brusson. It is a company specializing in carpooling. Its growth is mainly due to its expansion and its establishment in foreign markets, that is to say 22 countries and 65 million members.

“We have created a reliable way to travel on 3 continents, already used by more than 10 million people every quarter. With this new funding, we will be able to accelerate our global growth in order to continue to profoundly modify and improve the mobility of men on an international scale ”. – Nicolas Brusson, CEO and co-founder of BlaBlaCar.

With your steering wheels, with several people, it’s more fun to explore new lands!


Seb: foursome

Seb specializes in household appliance products. The company achieves the majority of its turnover abroad thanks to its establishment in the EMEA zone (Europe, Middle East and Africa), in Asia and in the United States.

Poma: connections abroad

Apple is a company specializing in cable transport for people and materials. She passed her export to Latin America, especially Colombia.

Bic: the traveling pen


The story of BIC started out simple – with a vision and a pen. Founded in 1945 by Marcel Bich and Edouard Buffard, this company is today No. 1 in stationery in Europe, India and Latin America and No. 2 in North America. BIC in your pocket, when do you and your ideas take off?

The latest girls on the way to international conquest

Poittemill – Forplex

Designers of industrial crushers and classifiers based in Béthune (Pas-de-Calais), Boyeurs Poittemill Ingenierie and Forplex Industrie specialize in particle size reduction and drying techniques for fine and ultrafine powders. Not very sexy on paper but at the forefront of innovation, POITTEMILL and FORPLEX have been around for over 100 years. This company has established in more than 125 countries and continue his expansion into other foreign markets.


Naturex is the world leader in the development of natural ingredients. Their expertise in plant extraction and the development of natural ingredients helps meet the demands and needs of the food, health and beauty markets. The company has established itself in Morocco, the United States, Milan and Shanghai.


Doublet supports commercial, sports and regional brands in optimizing their visibility, with innovative communication media. In the 1980s, Doublet began his international Development and today has 300 employees between its head office in Avelin in the north of France and its four subsidiaries: Germany, Spain, United States and Portugal.

There is no point in running, you have to start on time and finally go to the right place to implement your ideas and creations. The youngest ones have nonetheless proved that the influence of France is also their success.

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