July 3, 2022

For lack of consensus, the government is giving up the corporate health pass … for the moment

ACCELERATION- The government spokesperson confirmed the acceleration of the agenda for the adoption of the “vaccine pass”. The hypothesis of an obligation of the past in business is however postponed until later.

During a “liaison committee”, which allows the executive to consult the heads of parliamentary groups, Prime Minister Jean Castex confirmed the acceleration with a view to the adoption from mid-January of the law transforming the health pass into a vaccination pass. The obligation of this one in company will ultimately not be part of it, even if the government leaves open the possibility, for the parliamentarians, to table possible amendments in this direction.

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France affected by a fifth wave of Covid-19

The consensus was already perceptible during the consultations conducted by the Minister of Labor on Monday with the social partners: facing Elisabeth Borne, employers and unions had agreed to reject the hypothesis of an obligation of the health pass in the company. . This is also what emerges from the dialogue on Tuesday between the leaders of the parliamentary opposition and the executive.

For Gabriel Attal, who spoke at Matignon at the end of the meeting, it is the “operational feasibility” who is involved. “We were heard and we are relieved” reacted the vice-president and spokesperson of Medef Dominique Carlac’h on BFMTV, claiming to have “raised the complexity of implementation modalities and sanctions that seemed to us disproportionate to the objective.

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The obligation could come back in the form of amendments

The government spokesperson, however, does not close the door of “discussions (…) among the parliamentary groups of the majority and the opposition, between now and the examination of the text to see if other measures are possible”. According to a source close to the executive contacted by LCI, the Ministry of the Economy and Finance is thinking in particular of extending the pass to other categories than just places open to the public, without however generalizing it to other companies.

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According to Gabriel Attal, on the other hand, there is a “consensus” between parliamentarians and the executive, “with regard to the need to

strengthen teleworking “. This could gain momentum after the holidays, with the government hoping to expand remote working, where possible, for three to four days a week.

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