July 1, 2022

F. Bénichoux (Better Human): “It is imperative today to quantify the human balance sheet of a company”

Decision makers. What observation did you make when creating the IQH (Indicator of Human Quality)?

Florence Benichoux. Each organization has a financial balance sheet and environmental results are now added to it. In the end, the human balance remains little valued within companies. Very complex indicators exist to assess the quality of human management such as VP GO or ISO 26000. However, only a few large structures of the CAC 40 can use them… This is why we have designed a tool accessible to all, otherwise CSR is based more on environmental criteria than on social and societal ones.

“The valuation of human quality attests to the viability of an organization over the long term”

How to find objective criteria to evaluate human management?

Certain “status” indicators have been successfully tested by human resources: the number of workplace accidents, turnover, the number of industrial tribunals, etc. To these must be added the so-called “action” ones: how many prevention training sessions take place each year, but also the frequency of meetings on human capital in management committees. The human quality indicator takes into account actions taken around diversity and inclusion, the ability to be aligned with human rights and social justice. As for its objectivity, each quantified response provided by the company requires a supporting document. Scientific criteria exist but you have to know how to make them speak.

How to use the results of such an indicator?

The IQH is distinguished by its simplicity with 60 questions and 19 key indicators on the five main axes of “Being well” at work. Thanks to the data provided by the structures, areas for improvement stand out, whether it be the physical and mental health of employees, the organization of work, relations between employees or with governance.

In addition, the comparative analysis over three years makes it possible to see the evolution and the analysis between the different sites of a company are proving to be rich in lessons today. This allows a fast, reliable, efficient and targeted diagnosis on each site. The results can easily be communicated to all stakeholders who can act very quickly. A realistic field of action then becomes possible.

What do you expect from using the IQH?

It is imperative to make the human balance sheet of a company. Seeking exhaustiveness in this area is not useful, but relevant tools are needed, allowing immediate action. Then evaluating the consistency between the perception of employees on their company and the quantified results obtained in terms of human balance sheet greatly accelerates awareness and transformations. For employees, but also for investors, a company’s human balance sheet appears significant. The valuation of human quality attests to the viability of an organization over the long term, no one can be mistaken.

Interview by Elsa Guérin