January 29, 2022

Everything about the name of a company!

Every business has the obligation to have a corporate name or a corporate name. This company name is considered as the signature of the company and it must appear on all documents that will involve the company in question such as contracts or invoices or letters as well as emails. Find out in this section all about the corporate name of a company!

The company name: definition

The corporate name of a company is the official name of the company that it must use on all documents circulating internally and externally that will involve the company. From the creation of the company, it is necessary to have a company name because it is mandatory when registering with the RCS or the Trade and Companies Register.
For commercial companies, this corporate name is also called corporate name. Indeed, for these types of company, the company name is therefore as follows: first of all, the form of the company must be entered, then the name of the company and finally the amount of the company’s share capital. You should therefore know that commercial companies can be a public limited company or SA, a simplified public limited company or SAS, a limited liability company or SARL, a general partnership or SNC …
For the liberal professions, the company name must mention the names of all the partners or part of the names with the mention “and company” or “and partners”.

The company name: how to choose it and can it be changed?

When the company is created, the founder and his associates have free will as to the choice of the company name. They can name the business as they see fit. But you still have to be careful not to take social names that other companies are already using because of one the founders of these companies could well have protected this name and can sue you and two you can induce your customers and suppliers in fault. To verify that your company name only belongs to you, you must do research with the RCS or the Register of Commerce and Companies or on the website thereof. You should know that your company name will be protected as soon as you have registered with the RSC.
During the life of the company, the founder and the partners may wish to change this corporate name. And it is possible to do it but it will be necessary to modify the statute of the company at the same time. For this, it will then be necessary to convene the people involved to an extraordinary general assembly or EGM and present this intention to change, then it is necessary to proceed to a vote. At the end of this meeting, a report must be drawn up. Then, you will have to complete a declaration of modification of legal person. Afterwards, you will have to publish a legal announcement of the change of company name and finally, you have to file the request for amending registration with the commercial court. Do not forget to update the status of the company after this modification!