July 1, 2022

Eni officially takes a stake in Enera Conseil

Eni and Enera Conseil: a new key partnership for the supplier

The announcement is rare enough to have aroused some attention: Eni Gas & Power France, an alternative and well-known supplier of gas and electricity, has acquired shares and acquired a stake in Enera Conseil. This is indeed the supplier’s very first strategic investment since entering the French energy market in 2012.

The purpose of this merger, recently welcomed by the founder of Enera Julien Michet, is to strengthen the offer offered by Eni in the field of energy efficiency to companies and professionals. It should be remembered that the supplier is already actively engaged on the theme of energy transition, in particular:

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• The objective of total carbon neutrality of its activities by 2050;

• ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certification concerning the limitation of its environmental impact and a more efficient use of energy, recalled in the company’s social responsibility commitments.

Who is Enera Conseil?

Founded in 2006 by three thermal engineers, Enera Conseil is a thermal and fluid design office specializing in particular in the control of building energy and more generally in the development of renewable energies. The structure now has four branches in Île-de-France, Toulouse, Besançon and Nice.

Enera’s objective is to “participate in a revolution in practices and uses in construction”, for example by encouraging the development of buildings that respect the principles of energy sobriety.


Optimizing the consumption of buildings: a priority issue

The building sector represents 44% of the energy consumed in France, far ahead of the transport sector (31.3%). Each year, it emits more than 123 million tonnes of CO2, with a stock of buildings and condominiums that are particularly energy-intensive: 61% of housing and tertiary buildings obtain a classification D or lower in the energy performance diagnosis (DPE). This makes it a key sector in the fight against global warming.


New services coming to Eni?

This strengthened partnership should allow the energy supplier, in the long term, to enrich its range of services to support businesses, condominiums and public bodies in a real energy efficiency approach. Turnkey services may in particular include:

• Carrying out technical and regulatory audits to improve the energy performance of the company’s buildings;

• The realization of studies and a project management for the realization of various works in the companies and the joint ownerships;

• Support and advice services for optimizing energy consumption.

Let us recall that the “tertiary decree” of 2019 provides, from September 30, 2022, to the obligation to measure each year the energy consumption of tertiary buildings of more than 1,000 m², with the objective of reducing:

• 40% before December 31, 2031;

• 50% before December 31, 2041;

• 60% before December 31, 2051.


The new partnership announced with Enera Conseil should enable Eni to strengthen its offer to professionals in terms of energy efficiency. The supplier will thus position itself as a reference partner for carrying out the audits required by the “tertiary” decree.

The key points to remember:

– The energy supplier Eni takes a stake in the thermal design office Enera Conseil;

– This partnership will provide Eni with new expertise in supporting and advising on energy efficiency in buildings;

– This niche responds to a clearly identified need for many companies concerned by the imminent application of the tertiary decree.

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