January 26, 2022

End of a weeklong strike at the Disatech company in Limoges

Installed in ZI south in Limoges and specialized in the production of industrial coatings, the company Disatech joined the international group Akzo Nobel in 2017. The 50 employees of Limoges now work for a group which has more than 32,000 worldwide.

In this company unaccustomed to social movements, some of the Limougeauds employees decided to go on strike on Monday in order to demand an increase in wages as part of the negotiations initiated with management on their collective agreement.

The concerns of the strikers

After five days of strike which blocked part of the shipments and production, an agreement was reached on Friday between the CGT union representatives and the management of Disatech.

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“We obtained things thanks to this strike. We find part of what we asked, namely an increase of 38 € gross monthly. We also have bonuses which we are not convinced of the merits, but which make a little more money for everyone. We still have concerns about maintaining our achievements and we are worried about our future. The years 2023 and 2024 could be complicated, ”explained Thierry Loustaud yesterday, representing employees who, however, have not obtained anything on their collective participation.

Management is reassuring

Akzo Nobel’s management responded by press release: “This merger-absorption is part of a legal simplification project within the group. It was the subject of an information consultation of the CSE at the end of which we obtained a favorable opinion, and it will be effective on January 1, 2022 and will not no impact on the employment of all the staff of the companies concerned. The management’s will is to put in place an engaging and motivating social policy in collaboration with the social partners. “

Disatech will officially become Akzo Nobel SAS on January 1 next.

Franck Jacquet
[email protected]