July 1, 2022

Emotional intelligence at the service of business management

Emotional intelligence has today become the managerial skill of the future. But what is it all about? It is a concept combining two opposing notions including intelligence and emotion. This idea immediately became the best ally for managers to develop their business. Emotional intelligence is now a key skill that any leader must acquire to move their team forward. But what are its advantages?

Emotional intelligence: what is it?

Intelligence is not a new thing. Its first appearance dates from the year 1950 by the famous psychologist Daniel Goleman. Except that today this concept is becoming more and more common, even an essential quality for any manager. This form of intelligence must be acquired and controlled in order to benefit from it. Generally close to social intelligence, however, it allows you to better control your emotions and those of others. However, unlike IQ, emotional intelligence is learned throughout life.

Emotional intelligence just takes work on yourself. Also, it has become very useful in the world of work, especially for managers. Knowing how to control your emotions is especially important, especially when facing conflict. And according to the World Economic Forum, this form of intelligence will be one of the most important skills in 2022. This is why it is essential to develop in order to better understand others. In a nutshell, emotional intelligence translates to showing esteem.

Emotional intelligence and management: what is the link between the two?

According to a study conducted by scientists, people with high cognitive intelligence are aware and able to identify how these emotions work. Emotional intelligence is quite simply a combination of relational and emotional. She is therefore characterized not only by a better understanding of her emotions, but also by her influence on others.

People who have this intelligence can easily master them. Indeed, because emotions, whether positive or negative, can affect those around you, you might as well know how to use them wisely. The manager will therefore be much better with this concept and in particular with the aspect of inclusive management. The good leader is therefore one who, in addition to the experiences he justifies in the field, endowed with emotional intelligence.

Indeed, who says manager means a caring person who knows how to adapt to any situation and keep his relations fluid with his collaborators in order to keep a good atmosphere at work. Knowing how to master this ability is very important as you work with other people. Everyone must enjoy it and feel happy in their work environment to be much more efficient in their position.

Emotional intelligence: what are its advantages in business?

Knowing how to control your emotions has many benefits, both mentally and physically. Indeed, emotional intelligence is above all a concept allowing managers to communicate adequately and establish lasting relationships with others. This intelligence is a real engine allowing managers to make a choice that is both constructive and objective. It helps to make more optimized and efficient decisions. It is also essential to better manage rivalries in business. It offers the capacity for development and fulfillment of a person.

Emotional intelligence has a major impact on the well-being of everyone. It promotes better social feelings and personal development. It is well proven! Knowing how to use your emotions as well as those of others is essential to move forward in a business. A leader with great emotional intelligence positively influences his team. That said, all you need to do is master self-awareness, self-management, awareness of others, and relationship management.

In addition, now, emotional intelligence is cultivated in the depths of everyone, especially business leaders. It becomes more and more powerful as it is used. Indeed, like any skill, you have to work on it to be able to benefit from it. You need to be motivated enough for a better result.