May 22, 2022

Cryptocurrencies: A Slovak company is of particular interest to Charles Hoskinson

On Wednesday, January 26, Charles Hoskinson, co-founder and CEO of IO Global, the company responsible for developing the Cardano (ADA) blockchain, made a resounding statement. He announced that he has “really looking forward” to see the next DEX of the Slovak startup Vacuumlabs. This statement sparked a wave of reactions on social networks.

Vacuumlabs, a company that has established itself over time

Vacuumlabs is “a software development company that develops modern and comprehensive fintech solutions for startups and incumbent banks”, reads on the company’s website. It first became interested in the Cardano blockchain in 2018. During that time, its developers were working on AdaLite which eventually became the online Cardano wallet.

“In 2018, the developers at Vacuumlabs launched an internal project to develop the first lightweight Cardano wallet. What was supposed to be a “weekend project” took weeks, but AdaLite was born. Since then, AdaLite has cemented itself as the leading web-based Cardano wallet, and with it has installed Vacuumlabs as a key development partner in the Cardano ecosystem,” informs the website of the company.

But Vacuumlabs didn’t just collaborate with Cardano. Soon she became a major company in its sector of activity, since it has increased partnerships with other companies. That said, going back to Cardano, Vacuumlabs has signed a partnership with its commercial arm EMURGO.

The most important Vacuumlabs project

Currently, Vacuumlabs aims to strengthen its presence in the field of cryptocurrencies. In this capacity, she works on many projects, including the development of WingRiders. According to the information provided, WingRiders will soon allow its users to trade, earn and “steal” tokens. But for now, there are very few details leaking out about the project which was unveiled in the first quarter of 2022.

All we know about WingRiders is that it’s about“a decentralized exchange (DEX) of the type Automated Market Maker (AMM) develop on Cardano using the eUTxO model on the mainchain. The project is powered by VacuumLabs, one of the most respected developers in the Cardano space”.

“WingRiders aims to be a piece of infrastructure for the entire Cardano ecosystem, with easy integration into any wallet or DApp. Accessible through many platforms, supporting connectors and hardware wallets such as Ledger or Trezor. The platform will be fully decentralized, and will support trading between native Cardano tokens.”

The Vaccumlabs company will soon launch a new tool, WingRiders, which will allow its users to perform various actions with the tokens they have. For Charles Hoskinson, the creator of the Cardano (ADA) blockchain, this project may be one of the most remarkable on the market. He expects a lot, and so do the users of Vaccumlabs services.

Source : CryptoGlobe

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