July 2, 2022

Covid-19: no corporate health pass but no more teleworking in 2022

Under the impetus of the Omicron variant, much more contagious than the Delta variant, contaminations by the coronavirus are starting up again with the galloping approach of the end of the year holidays. And this, although schools are closed due to school holidays and many employees are on end of year leave.

With family reunions at Christmas, the New Year’s Eve celebrations and the general return to business from the start of the school year, the executive fears an epidemic explosion from the first weeks of 2022. Hence the urgency of anticipate while new restrictions are still being studied at the end of December.

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3 to 4 days of telework per week

Thus, the Minister of Labor Elisabeth Borne opened the ball of anticipation by officially recommending that companies strengthen the practice of teleworking, when possible. “I ask companies to prepare now to reinforce teleworking at the start of the school year, therefore on January 3, with a target of at least three days for positions that allow it, or even four days when possible”, she said this Wednesday, December 22 at the microphone of Europe 1.

An official recommendation made in particular under the impetus of the social partners, who called in unison for a return of such measures at the beginning of the week. Indeed, all epidemiologists agree that teleworking is one of the most effective weapons to stop the transmission of the virus within the population, contributing both to empty offices and public transport in large cities. .

Reinforcement of controls

This massive return to teleworking announced by the government should also be accompanied by an imminent strengthening of the controls carried out by the Labor Inspectorate. Currently, 5,000 inspections of this type are carried out each month in France, recalled Elisabeth Borne.

Controls that relate both to the effective application of teleworking within companies as well as to compliance with the health protocol in force: compliance with gauges and safety distances, in particular.

The health pass in business ruled out … for now

The measure was seriously considered at the Elysee Palace in recent days, in parallel with the creation of a vaccination pass: the health pass could become mandatory within companies, as is already practiced in Italy or Germany. However, the government has rejected the idea of ​​the bill which will soon be presented to the Council of Ministers and then submitted to the National Assembly on January 3.