January 26, 2022

Company vehicle. The market again at half mast in 2021 – L’argus PRO

Annus horribilis. 2021 was a difficult period to pass since the figures for the company vehicle market put forward by the Arval Mobility Observatory are once again not up to those recorded in 2019, the last so-called healthy base before the health crisis. The observatory reports 805,941 registrations of private and light commercial vehicles with companies, administrations and long-term rental companies, i.e. a decrease of 10.9% compared to two years ago, and this despite 254 working days against 251.

Corporate fleets in the red in 2020 and 2021

These are therefore 98,650 units in total missing from the order books professionals from January to December. “If the market has not returned to its pre-crisis levels, it is above all because of the semiconductor crisis which is extending delivery times”, insists the organization. This is the second consecutive year in the red, after, let us remember, sales to companies in 2020 which painfully reached 755,225 PCs and LCVs, down 16.5% (a shortage of 149,376 units).

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Among the data put forward, 22.4% remain the total market share of electrified vehicles (100% electric and hybrid) in 2021 in companies for 180,958 put on the road. This weight has swelled by 9 points over one year (102,164 PV and LCV in 2020) and by 16 points in two years (57,996 PV and LCV in 2019). Trade in plug-in hybrid models jumped 679.3% (67,332 in total) in two years.

Regarding the thermal, it’s obviously not the same song. If the diesel vehicles sold fell by 28.8% compared to 2019, their market share remained at 56.6% : “The former“ queen ”of the company’s car fleets, however, still represented in 2021 a total of 456,425 passenger car and LCV registrations, or more than one in two vehicles, mainly due to the utility segment”, specifies the organization. Gasoline kept nearly 20% of the market: motorization fell by 21.2% to post 159,910 sales in total.