July 2, 2022

Company car fleet: procedures in the event of a move

The life of a company is generally marked by different events. The move is necessary in certain situations such as the expansion of the activity, the repositioning on a market segment, etc. This involves steps to keep up to date on the administrative level. If you are in this case, think of your vehicle fleet, the vehicles each having an identity document (registration certificate) on which the address appears. Read here what to do with your company’s vehicle fleet in the event of a move.

Request the modification of the company’s address on the registration documents

The relocation of the head office of your company has an impact on the administrative situation of your company. The law, through the Highway Code, requires you to change the registration certificate (formerly called gray card) of your vehicle following a move. This approach concerns you whether your fleet is made up of utility vehicles, scooters, passenger cars, trucks and / or buses.

The new address of your company must be mentioned on these documents: in this regard, the modification of gray card online must be done within one month from the date of the move. Failure to comply with this obligation mainly exposes you to a fixed fine of 135 euros. But this amount is likely to be increased up to 750 euros in case the payment is not made within the time limit. Depending on the situation, the affected vehicle may be impounded.

In addition, when a vehicle is flashed by a radar, the ticket is sent to the address registered by the ANTS (National Agency for Secured Titles). If the modification of the registration card is not made following the move, the ticket will then be sent to the old address. Indeed, you will be informed of the late fine and risk facing an increase in the ticket. In the first days after the relocation of your professional premises, get started in the process of modifying vehicle registration cards.

Complete the procedures relating to the registration certificate online

In order to dematerialize its services for more performance, the State has put an end to the procedures related to the gray card in the prefecture. Since November 6, 2017, you must imperatively orient yourself towards the internet to modify your vehicle registration information.

Think about teleservice

The public authorities offer a teleservice accessible online for the modification of information relating to the registration certificate. This remote service is aptly named “IChangeDeCoordinates“and allowsinform various organizations of a change of address. Use the teleservice to give your new address to the various entities, including:

  • the service dedicated to the Vehicle Registration System (VMS),
  • at the Ministry of the Interior,
  • to the Tax Service,
  • to energy suppliers,
  • to Social Security …

The teleservice is available on the Public Service website. For the modification of the registration certificates of your vehicles, the usefulness of this service is limited to the updating your address in the databases structures mentioned above. After this step, go to a site dedicated to the formalities related to the registration certificate.

Go to the ANTS website

The ANTS site is the one that officially receives requests for modification of information on the registration certificate of a vehicle. You will have to provide information that will be requested to launch your request. If you used to take the paperwork for the vehicle registration documents of your vehicle fleet at the prefecture, the online operation could cause you some concerns. In this case, do not hesitate to ask for help from someone who masters online procedures. You can contact an ANTS advisor or a collaborator. The ideal would still be to use a service that takes care of all the paperwork for you.

Get support from an approved service provider

As a business owner, your working days are undoubtedly very busy. To lighten your workload and optimize your contribution to the development of your organization, entrust each assignment to a specialist. For example, if the distribution belt one of the professional vehicles has a malfunction, you probably call a mechanic. So, as part of the move, entrust a service provider specializing in the procedures relating to the gray card.

There are sites available online where you can submit your request for a change of address on registration certificates. The choice of this solution saves you long minutes that you must pass on the ANTS site before reaching your end. In most cases, providers of applications related to the gray card are authorized by the Ministry of the Interior. They are therefore authorized to offer their support services for a few fees.

Gather the necessary documents for the company’s change of address

Certain documents must be provided when requesting a change of address on a registration certificate. As a professional carrying out this process, you will need to bring together:

  • a copy of the registration document for each vehicle,
  • a copy of your identity card,
  • a signed K-bis extract less than two years old,
  • the registration application including the company stamp, signature and date of application,
  • vehicle insurance certificate,
  • an extract from the publication of a legal journal informing of the relocation of your head office,
  • valid technical inspection certificates in case the vehicles of the automobile fleet are at least four years old, etc.

If you request a site approved by the competent authorities, you must provide him with a sealed and signed registration warrant. This will prove that you have given them permission to take the necessary steps for you.

Modify the registration documents according to the registration format

The procedure for changing registration certificates for vehicles in your fleet depends on the registration format. If the registration is in the form AB 123 CD, you must request the manufacture of a label which will indicate your new address. This process is only valid if it is the 1st, 2nd or 3rd move since obtaining the registration in accordance with the Vehicle Registration System (which replaced the National Registration File in 2009). On the other hand, if it is the 4th move, you must request a new registration card.

For leased vehicles, it is the lending institution that carries out the procedures. If the vehicle registration is in the format 123 AB 01, you are called to request a new registration. This means that a new gray card will be assigned to you. As a result, you will have the license plate changed to display the new number.