July 3, 2022

companies review their operations


Article written by

M. Justet, A. Guin, A. Belderrain

France 2

France Televisions

The epidemic outbreak has consequences for the organization of our society. Positive people or contact cases, in two months the number of work stoppages has multiplied by seven. How are companies organized?

Reduce its workforce to avoid further contamination. At this caterer for a few days, the 25 employees take turns in groups of seven or eight, no more. The others must stay at home on partial unemployment or on leave. The new organization was well received by the employees. “It’s normal, we must all respect each other and we can all work”, says one of them. An operation made possible because the company has seen its activity drop sharply, particularly in the event sector.

To avoid being shut down because of the virus, other companies have taken their precautions. “Uncertainties, companies do not like that, so they are all arming themselves with interim reinforcements to be able to ensure the continuity of their stores, their warehouses, factories”, explains Stéphanie Delestre, founder and president of Qapa.fr. With the spread of the Omicron variant, companies fear a surge in sick leaves, which have jumped 740% in the past two months.