January 26, 2022

companies, new places for vaccination


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D. Lachaud, R.Michelot, K. Toufik, M.Félix, C. Cormery, A.Tranchant

France 2

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To speed up the recall campaign, more and more companies are offering the vaccination to their employees. Example in an insurance company.

Accelerating the pace on the third dose requires the support of companies. The idea of ​​an injection directly at the workplace is divisive. In an insurance company in Paris, medical teams have been vaccinating since March. For one of the employees who has chosen his workplace to have his third dose of vaccine, this represents a significant time saving. “In five minutes it’s done, I’m back to work”, he emphasizes. Another is delighted with how quickly she got a date.

Nurses vaccinated 40 employees during the week. But before the end of the year holidays, the pace will accelerate: “We expect to vaccinate 1,200 people over seven days, or 140 injections on average per day”, says Sandra Guerdin, a nurse. “The company had to buy the refrigerators to store the doses and organize itself in terms of confidentiality using a digital platform to allow employees to make an appointment”, explains Patrick Cohen, CEO of Axa France. Vaccination in the workplace remains voluntary. The employer can in no case constrain an employee.


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