May 13, 2022

Committed companies: the Boulanger Foundation, the Philharmonie de Paris, the Michelin Corporate Foundation

Companies committed to sponsorship and CSR. Credit: iStock.

  • The Boulanger Foundation equips 2,000 students with laptops

As part of the “Reconnect” program, the Boulanger Foundation will hand over, from January 24, 2,000 computers to students to allow them to follow their studies serenely. This donation is possible thanks to the mobilization of customers via the #Agirpourlesétudes operation which took place at the end of 2021 in Boulanger stores.

  • An initiative of the Philharmonie de Paris raises 440,000 euros

On January 17, the “Donnons pour Démos” campaign, initiated by the Philharmonie de Paris, has just ended. It raised 440,000 euros thanks to 2,700 donors. The objective is to allow the national deployment of Demos (Musical and orchestral education system with a social vocation). 1,100 children will benefit from this generosity by joining an orchestra and benefiting from a loan of instruments for three years.

  • Michelin employees will work to protect works of art

The Michelin Corporate Foundation is extending the “On the road to France’s largest museum” campaign to 14 Michelin sites in France. Michelin is therefore committed alongside the Foundation for the Safeguarding of French Art. Until March 31, the group’s employees will participate in a great treasure hunt to identify works in danger. After a vote, 14 works will be restored. The Michelin Corporate Foundation will grant 8,000 euros for each restoration.

  • Nestlé fights against child labor in the cocoa sector

Nestlé will launch on January 27 son programme « Cocoa Income Accelerator Program ». It aims to fight against child labor in the cocoa sector. To do this, Nestlé relies on vital income, supply chain traceability and even more effective collaboration between the various stakeholders.

  • The Mustela Foundation helps the MaMaMa association

The Mustela Foundation donated 20,000 euros to the MaMaMa association. This association was born from the merger of volunteers from the AP-HP and the Red Cross. The sum will make it possible to co-finance the position of project manager for one year.

  • Record for E.Leclerc and the “All united against cancer” operation

E.Leclerc handed over, on January 11, a record check for 1,660,721 euros to the National League Against Cancer. The sum was collected in March 2021 during the “All united against cancer” operation. This sum will make it possible to finance research operations, particularly concerning childhood and adolescent cancer. The operation will be renewed for a new edition from March 12.

  • Orange will offer a 100% virtual internship

From January 24 to February 4, Orange will welcome 900 young people aged 3eso that they can discover the diversity of the company’s professions. Thanks to a partnership with Myfuture, these internships will be carried out 100% virtually. The internship can therefore be carried out from home or from your school.