May 22, 2022

Combining business management and covid-19, a headache for small bosses in the Quimperlé region – Quimperlé

Patricia Velly has been faced with “a funny situation” for two weeks. This hairdresser, patroness of two salons in Tréméven and Querrien, had trouble managing all the appointments. Between the contact cases of her employees or their children, those who are sick, she admits, although of a rather cool nature, she stresses. “It’s no one’s fault of course, but everything is complicated. Business leaders must pay 40% of the salary of the employee on leave while he is not at work. In a company like mine, I have to compensate, ”breathes the latter.

“Difficult to organize in these conditions”

During the first confinement, she had the right to €1,500 in aid for her two establishments, as “it is the same entity”. She had then sent resumes everywhere. “I was ready to do any job. Go to the factory, to a supermarket. I have fixed charges, professional and personal loans, ”says the business manager.

“Today, I cancel appointments because I find myself alone in the salon. And finally, some customers don’t come because they themselves have caught covid-19 or are in contact. Other customers no longer come because of the health protocol. Some men, for example, do not want shampoo, which has become mandatory. Difficult to organize in these conditions”, comments the professional.

We’re a little emotionally exhausted

Patricia Velly thinks about her health too. “I am very careful with my social life so as not to catch this virus. Otherwise, I will be forced to close the shop. And for the independents, there is a deficiency. And yet, I don’t spare myself because I have to bring in turnover. I still have a good financial base because I have had my salon in Tréméven for 26 years. But still, it stresses me out. I have friends who are business leaders like me, we are a bit at the end of the line psychologically, ”she explains.

“Health is too important”

If Patricia Velly did not have to close her shops, this is not the case for David Corfmat, boss of the Bar des Sports in Clohars-Carnoët. “With the covid that affected my team, I was forced to close for three days. It is a financial loss. It’s still a lesser evil. But it shouldn’t happen too often. I try to project myself and be confident, ”he nuances.

Béatrice Le Houëdec of the Café de la Place, in Quimperlé. (The Telegram/Pauline Le Diouris)

Béatrice Le Houëdec, patroness of the Café de la place in Quimperlé, also recently struggled with the virus. “I had to reduce the hours because my employee had to cut the afternoon. We managed for a fortnight but we could have done without it, ”laments the manager. She does not hide her weariness with the protocols, the controls and the atmosphere “which has lost a little”. “It takes a toll on morale. We follow the recommendations as best we can because health is too important. Afterwards, I don’t come to work with fear in my stomach, ”she sweeps with a big smile. The regulars are still there even if she can no longer kiss them. “When we had to close, they understood. That’s the main thing,” she says.