May 12, 2022

Colombia: A real estate company sells a house for 2.45 BTC

The Latin American real estate leader La house completed its first housing transaction paid for in bitcoin (BTC) in Colombia. This is confirmation of what he announced last November when he revealed that he would start accepting payments in BTC to access intellectual property.

A first cryptocurrency transaction

La house finally realized his first operation in bitcoin (BTC) some time after making the promise to its customers. According to Jehudi Castro Sierra, Vice President of Innovation and Future of La house, “This is a transaction that broke geographic boundaries and was carried out in accordance with the necessary validations to ensure the security of the transaction and the people involved in it.”

Mr. Sierra also claimed that “the fact that this type of transaction only took a month to complete in Colombia testifies to the unmet need that existed. We strive to provide this type of alternative to the rest of the country, so that payment methods and investment methods are not an obstacle to accessing residential property”.

This new transaction was carried out at a decisive moment in the history of Colombia. Indeed, according to a new resolution, individuals and companies carrying out cryptocurrency transactions are obliged to report them to the Financial Information and Analysis Unit, as soon as transactions are over $150 or $450.

The property sold for 2.45 BTC

The property marketed by La house is part of the Natura City real estate project, located in the city of Santa Marta. It was sold with bitcoin (BTC).

Jehudi Castro declared: “The transaction represents a down payment for a condominium in Natura Metropolis. A complex of exclusive apartments belonging to Títulos y Desarrollos Inmobiliarios, which is being built in the Bellavista sector, in Santa Marta, in the north of Colombia”.

Mr. Castro also added that the apartment cost about $98,000 in total, or about 2.45 BTC. The buyer, a woman residing in the city of Medellín, has paid 0.03 BTC as a deposit and can make additional payments in BTC until the development of the condominium is completed, which should happen in 2025.

In Colombia, it is now possible to make purchases of real estate properties using bitcoin (BTC). For this, it is enough to go to the specialists in the sector who accept transactions on the basis of digital assets. This is the case of La house who just sold a property for around $98,000, or 2.45 BTC.


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