July 7, 2022

Chinese company Xindong Fenghua unveils Fenghua 1, a GPU with GDDR6X memory

A potential competitor to NVIDIA’s GeForce and AMD’s Radeon?

The Chinese company Xindong Technology has officially presented its Fenghua 1 GPU. It would be quite versatile since it is intended for both home PCs and data centers. The company developed it with the help of Innosilicon.

In its press release, Xindong Technology does not detail the performance of this Fenghua 1 GPU. The company just specifies that it has GDDR6X memory on board. It would be able to run on Windows, Android and even Linux; would support DirectX, Vulkan, OpenGL, OpenCL or OpenGL ES. The GPU uses a PCIe Gen4 interface and offers DP / eDP 1.4 and HDMI 2.1 display outputs.

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A versatile GPU

The information is quite incomplete and as you will see below the translation is not great. In any case, it is a question of a GPU likely to target several sectors. Still, deploying it in data centers to perform specific workloads will certainly prove easier than offering it as versatile, “high-end” graphics cards for home PCs.

Either way, it’s not the first Chinese GPU we’ve come across. We shared a snapshot of a dedicated Zhaoxin GPU last June. Regarding Innosilicon, a chip designer under contract, he was notably involved in the production of the first 7 nm chip by the Chinese founder SMIC. This company offers custom IPs and ASICs on processes ranging from 130nm to 5nm FinFET. In addition, she specifies on her site that she is “The only technology partner in China to have access to 5nm processes from Samsung and TSMC”.

In short, as it stands, it is difficult to know whether this Fenghua GPU from Xindong will be able to compete with Radeon solutions from AMD and GeForce from NVIDIA in the near future. We may have more data on it in the coming weeks.

Source : Tom’s Hardware US