July 7, 2022

Channel: lack of personnel, this company has chosen to communicate and it works

The Caroline Breton company, located in Saint-Samson-de-Bonfossé (Manche), is recruiting and it makes it known by the side of the road. Channel side – Vincent Giard)

In the Channel, many building companies encounter the same problem: demand is high, but lack of skilled labor and staff, they cannot always respond favorably.

Two months ago, Caroline Breton company – based in Saint-Samson-de-Bonfossé (Manche), near Saint-Lô – installed large banners on its facade and its gable.

The Covid-19 has resulted in several resignations. We had two in 2020 and three in 2021. Each time, for professional retraining or family reunification. And since we couldn’t find anyone, we made the choice to communicate. “

Caroline BretonThe manager of the company of the same name based in Saint-Samson-de-Bonfossé

First results obtained

Via banners, but not only. “We published around 1,000 business cards with the same message: Caroline Breton is recruiting. We are looking for convenience stores, plumbers, heating engineers. “

They have been distributed in the shops and restaurants of Saint-Lois. “Even the employees of the company participated in the distribution. I am fortunate to have a great team. ”

Passing next to the Caroline Breton company, it is difficult to miss the banners installed on the gable and the facade.
Passing next to Caroline Breton, it’s hard to miss the banners installed on the gable and the facade of the company. (© Channel side – Vincent Giard)

A team that will expand two new recruits.

We are starting to feel the first effects, since I have just recruited two guys, including an experienced convenience store. “

Caroline BretonThe manager of the company Caroline Breton based in Saint-Samson-de-Bonfossé

A relief for the entrepreneur, who still hopes three other recruits.

Caroline Breton company presentation

Created in 2008, Sarl Caroline Breton intervenes for all types of work (installation, repair and troubleshooting of your plumbing; creation or renovation of bathrooms; supply and installation of sanitary devices; installation of heat pumps; sale, installation, maintenance and repair of your oil and gas heating system).

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