May 24, 2022

CG Corporate Sustainability Agreement

As a family business for 4 generations, sustainability is an integral part of our corporate values. With the current sustainability agreement of Création Gross, we have committed ourselves to sustainable action and to meeting these challenges with the greatest possible transparency. A whole list of measures aims, for example, to achieve total CO2 neutrality, optimal use of resources and the use of environmentally friendly natural fibres. These are just some of the points we work on daily.

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As a company in the textile sector, we are aware of the responsibility and the urgency of sustainable action in times of climate change. In order to meet the current requirements of a sustainable business, we have adopted a set of measures aimed at protecting our employees and our partners, the environment and its resources. All the measures we have already taken go far beyond the legal requirements. However, they still do not go far enough. We will continue to develop our measures in the future in order to obtain an even greater impact from our actions and to reduce our emissions even further.

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The following selection gives a brief overview of our extensive catalog of measures:

Natural Fabrics And Substances

The products of CG – CLUB of GENTS are characterized by a high proportion of natural materials. These include wool which, as a natural animal fibre, is a renewable, recyclable and compostable raw material. Linen and organic cotton are other widely used natural fibres. Flax does not need to be actively irrigated to grow. Water consumption is therefore significantly lower than in the production of conventional natural fibres.


Each year, 8 million tons of plastic waste end up in the oceans. Together with Waste2Wear, we transform innovative textiles into new products from old plastic bottles. Starting with the Spring/Summer 2022 collection, jackets, t-shirts and swimwear will form the sustainable Waste2Wear capsule within the collection of CG – CLUB of GENTS. The brand is thus taking a new step forward towards sustainable and ecological fashion.

CO Reduction2

In order to reduce CO emissions2, the outer fabrics and accessories of our products are mainly sourced from Europe to avoid long transportation distances. Upon delivery of finished products, CO emissions2 are reduced through optimal container filling – all with the aim of saving energy.

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More than 90% of production comes from European parent factories in Bulgaria, Ukraine and Bosnia and Herzegovina. On-site technicians ensure that our high standards are met. One of the special features of the Hersbruck headquarters is the company’s production and tailoring workshop, in which prototype parts, sample parts and small series are produced. The more local the production, the more resources are saved.

Chemicals Management

Our aim is to ensure that the chemicals and all other additives used in production absolutely meet the exacting standards. Exterior fabrics are purchased taking into account the Restricted Substances List. All product components are also subject to REACH legal regulations and are therefore safe for consumers. In addition, our suppliers are required to train regularly on harmful substances and sustainability.

Packaging and Waste Management

Our shipping boxes are made from more than 70% recycled materials. The same applies to the packaging bags in which the products are transported from the factories to the head office in Hersbruck, as they are 100% recycled. Likewise, a large part of our hangers is linked to a recycling system and thus contributes to saving raw materials and energy and avoiding plastic waste. In addition, we strive to reuse boxes from returns as much as possible.

You can find our complete Gross Creation Sustainability Agreement here”.

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