May 22, 2022

Call on a muse to promote your business

Some companies do not hesitate to call on celebrities to promote their products and/or services. We then speak of muses or brand ambassadors.

What is a corporate muse?

Make a famous person the face of his brand, it is quite possible. The practice has even become commonplace with the saturation of advertising messages. The principle is simple: soliciting a public figure or relatively well-known person to speak on behalf of a brand. It adheres to its values, conveys them and defends them to consumers. She assures a promotional mission, which is not without consequences for purchasing decisions. Indeed, potential customers, by identifying with the celebrity and his powerful speech, are more easily seduced and interested in the brand. For a company, leaning on a muse offers many advantages, including that of standing out and attracting attention.

The benefits of associating a celebrity with a brand

The advantages brought by “Celebrity Marketing” are multiple for brands. The practice first a significant impact on sales. Indeed, by identifying with a brand, the public personality boost its notoriety, optimizes its image and reputation. She further attracts the attention of consumers, thus making the advertisement more attractive.

Appealing to a well-liked celebrity sits otherwise the credibility of a company and its services. The approach generates a sense of confidence near the target. The advertiser then takes advantage of this positive feeling to intensify his message, sometimes to balance out a tarnished image. However, we must be careful that the muse does not completely steal the show from the brand.

How to choose your brand ambassador?

For your strategy to work, you need to choose your brand ambassador carefully. The latter must share your values ​​and enjoy what you do to be able to exercise its influence enthusiastically and spontaneously. The ideal is to select an emotionally involved, passionate and active person, to favor legitimacy rather than notoriety. For example, Novak Djokovic, intolerant to gluten, works alongside Gerblé, which has just developed a range of specific products. In the same spirit, the company Ophtalmic Compagnie, specialized in optics, chose Hélène Ségara, a popular personality who suffers from an eye disease.

In short, the choice of an ambassador is above all correlated to your brand identity. It should reflect your personality and your state of mind. For all these reasons, selecting the right muse is not easy. It involves time as well as heavy effort. If you cannot decide, it is always possible to call on a specialized agency. After a precise analysis of your needs and your strategy, this type of structure can tell you which celebrity will be the most impactful.

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