May 24, 2022

Business domiciliation in 2022: everything you need to know

Business domiciliation: what is it?

The domiciliation consists to declare the address of the registered office of the company. This is a formality to be carried out from the first stages of the creation of the company, when the articles of association are drafted. The address chosen is not insignificant: it of course determines the nationality of the company and the competent court. It must also appear on all of the company’s official documents, in particular:

• Its contracts;

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• His invoices;

• His letters and his administrative correspondence;

• Its K-bis extract.

The legal domicile of a company can also have a more symbolic significance. It represents a very important issue of credibility for many professionals. A head office located in an affluent district of the capital will, for example, be a real factor of reassurance and prestige in attracting additional customers.

However, the very high rents of professional premises in inner Paris generally prevent a young company from moving there.

Good to know : l’existence da domiciliation contract must appear on the trade and companies register (RCS) of the domiciled company*. This statement must specify the corporate name and registration of the domiciliation company. The latter, moreover, must be able to produce its prefectural approval number.

Domiciliation companies: an ever more diversified offer

In order to meet the needs of companies seeking respectability, many domiciliation companies have obtained prefectural approval to host third-party companies at their address. In particular, this allows them to display a more prestigious address on their letters and official documents.

Formerly quite basic, thebusiness domiciliation services tend to innovate more and more to offer a range of services to domiciled businesses.

Les Tricolores, founded in 2019, is a good example of this underlying trend towards premium positioning. With already six addresses available in Paris and Lyon and four new locations planned, the company is experiencing rapid growth.

The Tricolores offer the tax domiciliation of the company and the monthly or daily mail forwarding, but not only. Depending on the formula subscribed, the services can also extend to optional and tailor-made services such as:

Digitization of mail and its transmission in real time;

• The occasional provision of real lfurnished and equipped rooms for the organization of meetings, seminars, etc.;

• A service of legal advice composed of experts specialized in company law (creation, transfer of registered office, drafting of articles of association, etc.).

With its transparent billing and its particularly attractive prices, Les Tricolores seems to be attracting a large number of entrepreneurs today: more than 3,000 of them have already placed their trust in the company**.


Online domiciliation companies like Les Tricolores have been able to profoundly renew the model of the old company post office boxes. In addition to a prestigious address in the heart of Paris, a company can now also benefit from a range of services and genuine quality advice to support its development.

Key points to remember about business domiciliation:

– It consists of declaring a head office address that does not correspond to the actual place of its activity.

– A simple domiciliation contract allows you to display an attractive postal address in all your official communications.

– New players like Les Tricolores rely on a premium business domiciliation service, associated with numerous services.

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