May 14, 2022

Business creation. Guénolé Autret cooks the opening of an artisanal cannery, Maison Autret in Plouvorn (29)

Generally, cannery news recounts long-term family histories. For once, Maison Autret is writing its first lines of life in 2022, hoping that they will carry its founder, Guénolé Autret on a beautiful destiny. At 34, this young cook from Finistère puts his talent at the service of his own company, an artisanal cannery in Brittany specializing in the preparation of cooked meat dishes.


Beef braised with pink onions, pork curry with coconut milk, veal stew in cider, poultry stew… The recipes are tested and approved. Containers chosen and labels ready. At 34, Guénolé Autret is preparing to open his artisanal cannery. This young cook, who cut his teeth on collective batteries, precisely at the Santec school canteen, where he succeeded to include more than 50% organic and local products on the plates of the children in its canteen, has been campaigning for all these years for good and good food.My commitment to the school canteen allowed me to become a member of the Chefs de la République. An association created by Guillaume Gomez, former chef of the Elysée, which promotes French gastronomy in restaurants managed by the public service”, explains Guénolé Autret.

Fresh products, without coloring or preservatives

In 2020, unable to work because of the confinements, Guénolé Autret worked in the R&D department of the Paysan Breton frozen food brand. There he developed the spring pan-fried, consecrated in 2021 by the Product network in Brittany.

The recognition of his skills reinforces Guénolé Autret in his project. The 30-year-old harbors the idea of ​​creating his own agri-food company. It will be an artisanal cannery specializing in the preparation of quality ready meals. Quality of the products, promotion of French agriculture and authenticity of the recipes form the basis of the values ​​of this young company which should release its first jars in the summer of 2022. “I am in the process of buying the local Sympathic organic pasta factory, in Plouvorn“, explains the neo-entrepreneur. The building is up to food industry standards. Guénolé will work there alone to begin with. “I have just been trained to operate an autoclave which guarantees the canning of preparations.”

Supermarkets, delicatessens and direct producers

After a year, the young cook plans to hire a first person to assist him in production, then a second dedicated to marketing. Guénolé Autret will also work with the employees of the Esat des Genêts d’Or, in Landivisiau, who work for several agri-food companies in northern Brittany.

Regarding outlets, Guénolé Autret identifies three: large and medium-sized distribution, which is already demonstrating its interest in the quality of Maison Autret’s preserves; delicatessens for which a Premium collection will be developed baptized The Collection of Gourmets. “I will also work directly for farmers, producers and some caterers who can bring me their raw products to process”, explains Guénolé, who also relies on this third axis to diversify and develop his activity.

Before that, he still has to settle a few administrative steps such as the registration, in progress, of his company.