July 3, 2022

Business and disability: three things Puy-de-Dôme bosses should know

To help business leaders in Puy-de-Dôme to see more clearly on the subject Business and disability, we asked Marie-Pierre Grillot, business advisor at Agefiph, the organization responsible for supporting development. employment of people with disabilities, three things you absolutely need to know about the subject.

1. “Disability and employment, it is possible and it is far from received ideas on the subject. 80% of disabilities are invisible, 80% occur after the age of 15. And when we talk about disability in business, it is also situational. That is to say that it is the environment that makes the handicap. A person with a disability may not have any difficulty in doing their job. Moreover, 80% of the positions occupied by employees with disabilities do not require any workstation adjustment.

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2. ” Jobt disability, before talking about recruitment, it is above all a question of job retention. Aging and non-occupational disease are the main causes of disability in France. A person who has just had cancer may be temporarily recognized as a disabled worker. This will make it possible to keep him in the company and to benefit from financial and human aid from Agefiph to be accompanied.

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3. “Business and disability also means recruiting people with disabilities. The reform now allows employers to integrate internships, fixed-term contracts, temporary work and work-study contracts (without age limit) into their employment obligation, and in particular young people, the theme of this 25th edition of the week. for the employment of people with disabilities ”.

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Cecile Bergougnoux