July 7, 2022

BlockchainSpace, the business solution for metaverse pros

As expected, the metaverse phenomenon is disrupting gaming and the crypto universe. The emergence of real economic opportunities attracts more and more players on a daily basis. Their objective ? Now earn a living in these parallel universes. Worlds that it is more advisable to explore as a team than alone.

Very quickly, guilds were formed and prospered. Between sharing of information and resources, the community alliance is strength. Some of them have today become real companies, with real needs in terms of management tools. Let’s find out how BlockchainSpace facilitates their development.

This promotional item is brought to you in collaboration with BlockchainSpace.

BlockchainSpace, an interactive platform to federate Play-to-earn guilds

BlockchainSpace aims to become an essential management and development center for play-to-earn guilds. A true financial, investigation, collaboration and data hub, the company offers many innovative tools. In addition, it aims to normalize a booming economic sector.

The metavers are draining new gamers every day. They dream of making a living by playing

Indeed, some of these guilds today reach very important associations. Of the order of several thousand active players. It was inevitable that they would quickly be in demand for tailored solutions to meet their specific needs. Many aspects that appear, in some respects, comparable to business issues.

Thanks to BlockchainSpace, the leaders of these professionalized guilds will benefit from varied and relevant management tools to manage the many aspects of their new activity. For example human resources, salaries, cash management, customer relations, accounting. But still material needs “In-game” and stock management, benchmarking. Direct access to other financial resources through genuine guild banks.

Save time to play, and earn money.

An unprecedented range of features will thus support the development of this new emerging economic sector. The GMs (grandmasters) of guilds will save precious time for generate a flow of analyzes in terms of profitability as well as player performance.

Data and measures collected and compiled which will be very useful for develop lucrative strategies and master new game mechanics to exploit. But beyond the management of daily actions and human resources, Blockchain Space wants to offer these new economic entities the opportunity to enhance their ecosystems, and grow their reputation.

BlockchainSpace offers tools for analyzing and managing your guild's performance to help you find the best crypto returns in the metaverse
BlockchainSpace will first of all give you the opportunity to create unprecedented business models in the metaverse

Therefore, at the individual level as for the guilds, the platform will allow the implementation of financial levers built around the native token, the $ GUILD. A whole range of opportunities that are clearly inherited from the practices in force in the other flagship sector of the current crypto ecosystem: the DeFi

The $ GUILD token at the heart of the business model

At the center of the exchanges, we therefore find the $ GUILD token, involved in all the transactions carried out on the platform, as well as all the costs inherent in the use of the various services. You just understood it, BlockchainSpace is in some ways paying off. And this is precisely what makes the value of the token first of all, and secondly, the interest of its conservation.

The use cases will be extremely numerous. The interaction between players, between guilds, up to the services offered by the platform. This last component will largely relate to financial products that the company will offer to users. We mentioned it, the bridges are already being thrown between DeFi and Metaverse. All that was needed was for an actor to extend these mechanics within the play-to-earn universe.

We are talking about “crypto-bank” loans, scholarships, tournament fees. Of all the management of human and material resources. So many areas which, above all, will increase the demand for the $ GUILD token and encourage all players to accumulate and keep it. A virtuous circle which should lead to an increasing and regular valuation. At least, that’s the stated objective, backed by a daring and chiseled tokenomics.

GUILD's tokenomics seem to have attracted the favor of crypto investors. Their public token offering will run from December 8 to 11
A very complete and well thought out tokenomics

A model that has convinced players and investors

With such ambitions, BlockchainSpace had to demonstrate concrete added value to the play-to-earn sector. The first proof is surely in the numbers of frequentation of the platform. At this time, more than 2,685 guilds, representing almost 690,000 players, are taking advantage of the immense possibilities provided by the company.

A success undoubtedly linked to an ambitious policy of strategic partnerships. Thus, the famous Axie Infinity and The Sandbox quickly joined the adventure. This is evidenced by the educational tools offered primarily by the company’s native guilds. The Axie Academy and Sandbox Academy, each bringing together more than 500 players and 100 creators.

Once dynamism and legitimacy were confirmed, finding funds was easy. As with all the projects dubbed by the giants of the sector, we are witnessing a surge in institutional investments. The testimony of an enthusiastic adherence to the developed strategic line. A first fundraiser won $ 3.75 million on November 18. On November 30, a second adds 2.4 million thanks to new prestigious partners since Alameda Research, Crypto.com or Morningstar Ventures are also appearing.

Social networks like twitter or telegram are a privileged channel for the BlockchainSpace team which announces the progress of its crypto project.
A particularly successful new fundraiser

But today, you will also be able to enter the arena. From December 8 to 11, BlockchainSpace is launching its public token sale. An issue conducted through a BLBP (Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping). A barbaric name that does not reflect the simplicity of the process. In essence, this is a blocky inflated liquidity pool of $ GUILD token on the Copper Launch site.

You just need to connect to it via your preferred wallet previously provided in USDC, DAI or ETH. All you have to do is swap your tokens for $ GUILD. The issue will end when the pool has reached 50/50 equilibrium.