July 1, 2022

Bio-waste that can be eaten for breakfast, the new creation of the Akareva company

They are called Survivors: they are small squares to nibble zero waste made from the pressing of fruits and vegetables intended to make juices. This is the latest innovation from Akareva, a young company from Strasbourg. Bio-waste for breakfast or aperitif, would you like it?

We knew the insects to peck at the aperitif, here comes the bio-waste for breakfast. This is the latest creation from the young Strasbourg company Akareva. Founded in 2020 in Strasbourg, this press-workshop offers vegetable milks and organic fruit and vegetable juices made the same day without pasteurization, delivered to your home in a returnable bottle.

It all started one morning in March 2021: “I woke up one morning telling myself that I was tired of throwing away kilos of pulp and okara waste, from the pressing of our juices and our vegetable milks”, says Matthieu Gru, founder of Akareva.

He recalls that in the food industry, a third of the world’s production is thrown away: “There is no question that we, even small ones, generate waste”. We had to find a solution to recycle our waste and why not by inventing a recipe: a zero waste organic biscuit.

A professional oven is purchased and a first test of savory recipes begins in June. Not very conclusive: “The raw material was too wet and we couldn’t make a paste”. In the end, after numerous crash tests and more than a hundred recipes tested, the Survivors were born.

They will eventually be sweet and require quite a bit of labor. Matthieu Gru reveals part of the recipe: “We developed a dough based on oats, pulp mixed into tiny pieces and okara. Everything went through the mixer in which we added a little water and rapeseed oil. The dough, once spread , is cooked at low temperature for two and a half hours”.

The young Strasbourg company offers three versions: cocoa nuggets, cinnamon/hemp seeds and roasted hazelnuts. “We wanted to move away from classic cereals which are often too sweet and too greasy. When you bite into a Survivor, you just feel a hint of sugar brought by the date”, says Matthieu Gru.

Nice surprise on arrival: these anti-waste cereals are rated 100/100 on Yuka, the application that deciphers the composition of food products and assesses their impact on health. “We didn’t necessarily expect to have such a note, but we are delighted”, agrees the founder of Akareva.

At 8.90 euros for 300 grams, the Survivors, sold in returnable glass jars, are snapping up like hot cakes. “We will have to restock very quickly”, remarks Matthieu Gru, “We make several batches a week”. The first customer feedback is good. What predict a long second life to the Survivors.