January 24, 2022

between 5 and 12% absenteeism in Sarthois companies

There is a little mess“recognizes Hervé Tremblaye. The boss of the transport and logistics group of the same name, headquartered in Le Mans, has to juggle the rosters. Who is present? Who is absent?”Every morning, it’s a bit of a surprise! The absenteeism rate in companies fluctuates between 5 and 12% between contaminated employees, childcare and contact cases, and with us, it is rather 12“. Tremblaye employs 450 people in Le Mans and Rennes.”For administrative staff, teleworking has been set up. For the truck drivers, we have organized a battery of replacement drivers“.

The activity of commercial courts divided by four since the start of the crisis

Since November 2021, Hervé Tremblaye has also been president of the Sarthe chamber of commerce and industry. “Overall, the French economy is doing well. We even recorded the strongest rebound in Europe“. Thanks to state aid, companies have weathered the crisis.”So much so that the activity of commercial courts has been divided by four“. But Hervé Tremblaye remains cautious.”The problem is that now we will have to reimburse. The state offered an additional six-month lag. The situation of companies will be examined on a case-by-case basis“. But the most fragile could pay the price and according to him, it is from now on that we will measure the real economic impact of the crisis.”What we know is that the sectors that are still suffering the most today are the sectors of tourism, events, entertainment, sport.“Caterers, fairs and shows have also toasted because of the cancellations of end-of-year drinks or company parties before the Christmas holidays.

Hervé Tremblaye, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sarthe © Radio France
Yann lastennet

Develop training

In the meantime, many companies, especially in the transport sector, are facing recruitment problems. ” In my company, for example, we have 35 lorry driver positions to fill.The solution is to directly train future employees. The Sarthe Chamber of Commerce and Industry is also the leading trainer in the department, after National Education, via its training organizations such as the CFA (apprenticeship training centers). Last year, the CCI helped train 4,600 people, including 2,000 in continuing education. “We just created Ekod where web designers are trained“to allow Sarthe companies to recruit candidates in production processes, the Internet in communications and digital in marketing.