January 29, 2022

BDO becomes the first company with a mission in auditing in France

Posted on Dec 15, 2019 2021 at 9:19

This is the first project he carried out when he took office as President of BDO France on January 1, 2021. Arnaud Naudan had set himself the objective of defining the raison d’être of the firm and changing its statutes to make it a business with a mission during the first year of its mandate. It’s done. 96% of the 120 partners of the French branch of the fifth global audit-consulting network voted for the adoption of the new statutes, making BDO France the first audit-consulting firm defined as a company with a mission.

Five objectives defined and monitored

“After having questioned all of our teams, our customers, our partners and our supervisory bodies, we have defined five commitments with an action plan that will be monitored and enriched by a monitoring committee composed mainly of independent individuals, with in particular a professor from HEC, the CSR manager of a large group or even a former politician “, explains to” Echos “the boss of the cabinet. “It is about supporting managers in the transformation of a more ethical, more responsible and more sustainable business”, continues Arnaud Naudan.

Chairman of BDO France since January 1, 2021, Arnaud Naudan wants to increase the firm’s turnover from more than 160 million euros to 300 million within five years.Côme Bardon/Executive Studio

Five goals have been set. The first concerns economic inclusion, namely promoting all talents, promoting all potentials and promoting access to employment for all those who are “prevented” (disability, geography, studies, etc.). This is followed by integration into the regions, the reduction of BDO France’s environmental impact by achieving carbon neutrality from 2050, the mental and physical health of employees and, therefore, supporting customers towards more sustainable growth. In addition to the monitoring committee, an operational committee will ensure that all planned actions are delivered to the 45 BDO offices in France.

Technology and skills

For the boss of the firm, this approach must constitute not only an element of differentiation vis-à-vis his competitors, but also a growth accelerator, especially in the large account market that he covets in the context of the rotation of statutory audit mandates. “The network has also invested massively in technology and skills in order to respond to missions at a global level”, specifies Arnaud Naudan.

BDO France, which will celebrate its fifteenth anniversary in 2022, intends to occupy in France the place that the network occupies overall. The firm recorded a growth of 8% over one year at the end of its financial year ended September 30, 2021, with a turnover of more than 160 million euros, after a growth of 2% the previous year. The goal set by his boss is to reach 300 million within 5 years. The global network has seen the strongest growth in the market, with revenues of $ 11.8 billion, up 10.8%.