July 3, 2022

BBK Electronics – The World’s Largest Smartphone Company

BBK Electronics

Learn more about the world’s largest smartphone company – BBK Electronics

Whether it’s Oppo, Vivo or RealMe, you wonder what they have in common? Read on to learn more about the company that forms a common bond between these smartphone brands.

Many of you use smartphones like Oppo, Vivo, RealMe or OnePlus. Even the tech market is full of not only smartphones, but also different types of gadgets from these brands; attract consumers with its attractive prices. Well, do you know who owns these brands? It is none other than BBK Electronics. A multinational conglomerate was created in 1998 in China. It acts as an umbrella for electronic categories. These categories include music players, high definition cameras, smartphones, and more. Some low cost brands of BBK include Oppo, Vivo, Oneplus, Realme, iQOO. The common thread between these brands is the low cost and high added value proposition. Through a united front, these brands are operating against the big smartphone companies around the world, like the competing companies – Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc.

BBK Electronics – An Overview

In terms of market size, BBK Electronics dominates with 30% of smartphone sales. After that, the second and third places are Xiaomi and Samsung. Their market shares are 28% and 25% respectively. Companies like Huawei are even further behind with a 14% market share. Despite its head start, BBK is less known to international consumers (in terms of word of mouth). In addition, the organization has deliberately chosen to stay away. This is done to effectively promote its subsidiary brands.

Then you will be amazed by the founder and chairman, Duan Yongping, and his recluse character. Rarely gives interviews, his limited notoriety helps keep the company out of the limelight. Yet it is his expertise in gaming electronics that has helped him create smartphones with a different design.

BBK brands such as Oppo, Vivo, Oneplus and Realme often compete against each other. This is done on purpose to create a sense of choice. This gives consumers the impression that they have more smartphones to choose from, even in the affordable range.

However, all of BBK’s Chinese smartphones are designed for different purposes. Some smartphones have a particular set of features depending on the needs of the market. However, others have a specific price range that caters to different customers. For example, OPPO has the slogan “Be a Selfie Expert”. So, its marketing strategy or let’s say X-factor, these are its exceptional cameras.

Vivo, on the other hand, strikes a balance between an exceptional audio experience and high-quality photography. Even in crowded environments, you get exceptional detail with Vivo. Keeping Oppo and Vivo aside, current tech geeks are quite impressed with Realme, which is being created as a price challenger for Xiaomi and Huawei. He is aggressively positioning himself to have the highest possible sales. It also increases the size of his business. Much like its competing businesses, Realme focuses on students and working poor.

A brand that offers mid-priced products and fights the main brands in the market – OnePlus. It represents the pinnacle of flagship smartphones. It does it at the best possible price with high specifications. This combination gives OnePlus the title of “Never Settle”. It gives the same specs as industry giants like Samsung, Apple, etc.

Another brand that most of you are certainly not familiar with is iQOO1 which is currently focusing on adapting to the 5G generation. Even though the company is still in its infancy, it offers new technologies such as liquid cooling, anti-shake and other features.


BBK has created different marketing strategies to redefine functionality to appeal to a wider range of buyers. What distinguishes smartphones from BBK subsidiaries in the market competing with the most powerful brands is their market research. Understanding the needs of target consumers can literally change the whole dynamic of a business. It brings new smartphone variance in all of these sub-brands. The company has garnered immense attention in Asian markets. He is currently targeting Western audiences for future growth. Scheduled to reach 7.5 billion by 2026, BBK electronics will undoubtedly aim for a major hold in the smartphone market.