May 12, 2022

Baignes: when the artist and the company work hand in hand

Nicolas Degrange brought Master Toiles to make him tailor-made canvases.

Photo CL

How was this residency project born?

Christine Beurcq. It is an initiative of Zébra3, a Bordeaux association for artistic production, with which we had already collaborated on the occasion of the first Master Toiles artistic support grant. The structure had indeed noted our growing interest in helping and making known artists, obviously because of our proximity to this environment linked to our production. The first contact with Nicolas Degrange took place at the end of 2020, and even if he lives in Paris, he had already known the region by carrying out part of his studies at the Beaux-arts de Bordeaux.

What has this residency brought to Master Toiles?

First of all from a technical point of view, it questioned us. With, for example, the specific creation of round canvases in the shape of openwork discs, 1.5m high, which was a real challenge with the artist. And as obviously we had to proceed with a system of trial and error, we progressed. On a human level, there was an involvement from the start of our eight employees. In addition to the pleasure of seeing the creative process, staff have gained more self-confidence and have become aware of the value of their products, they now see the purpose of their work better. As for Nicolas, this immersion and these meetings with the staff also enriched him, he discovered a new universe.

How do you see the future of this type of sponsorship?

We launched our first Master Canvas competition in 2020, with a grant to support artists, followed by a second edition last year and a call for projects for 2022. We are therefore trying to perpetuate our action and this first residence can call others. This is an opportunity for us to work differently and develop our image, while opening up to our territory, with local collaborations such as with the city of Barbezieux, the community of municipalities of 4B or with the Chabram² association of Touzac which partly hosted Nicolas. And obviously we hope one day to offer an exhibition within the company itself, to bring visitors to discover it, which for example we have already done in partnership with the Barbezieux tourist office.

(1) Artist and residence to discover onés

“Field recording” exhibition by Nicolas Degrange l’Espinoa in Baignes until March 4th. Free admission (sanitary pass). Sunday 20 February 9.30am-4.30pm: group visits by appointment (05 45 78 32 02).

“Field Recording” until March 4 at Espinoa

“I can only express my pleasure at finally seeing the community cultural space come back to life after two and a half years of inactivity. We even welcome a nice audience for the opening of the “Field recording” exhibition, confided this Friday, February 4 to Espinoa, Michel Dubojski, mayor of Baignes and vice-president of the CDC 4B. Indeed, if around fifteen works by Nicolas Degrange populate the ground floor and mezzanine, a central creation on a base some 2.50m high, A hole in the sky through captures the visitor, even showing the rather surprising back of its circular frame with keys. “I discovered a region, a Barbezilian company, Master Toiles, and I was able to record for three months everything that passed in front of me, recognizes the young Parisian painter-sculptor. I grasped there all the true correlation between my painting and the daily work of the worker, precise gestures, mechanical know-how, meticulousness at every moment. »
In his creations, where he happily plays with going from 3D to flat tints, Nicolas Degrange likes to divert objects, to freeze the work of sunlight or even lunar light on the material at a given moment. Old parasol canvases collected, packaging of chocolate boxes come to stretch on the frames as if to scramble the counters between the techniques. “By moving my Parisian studio to the heart of the Master Toiles company, I was able to begin a rich research project on the deconstruction of the classical painting. », admits the artist. He concluded by noting the provision by the CDC of this cultural space where an impression of floating bathed in light helped the installation of the exhibition, but also by underlining the support and partnerships of the Drac and Zebra3, Bordeaux association which organized the residency.