May 22, 2022

Applications for the “Entreprise en scène” musical derby are open in Limousin

“Our temp agency has a hundred permanent employees. I know them well. They come regularly. We exchange”, explains Philippe Pierre of the 5 Pierre agency in Limoges, initiator of the project.

“In addition, when we recruit, we have a form with a “hobby” box. Thanks to this, it is easy to see that many people have other activities outside of work, other centers of interest, passions that they live in amateur practice or excellence. »

“The vitality of a company is not measured only by its turnover, the number of its employees. A strength also comes from these creative energies in the collaborators. So why not unite these energies? It is from this idea that the musical derby “Entreprise en scène” was born.

From the first in 2014 to The ant, a place that disappeared on the banks of the Vienne in Limoges, the public was there. In this small room, 170 spectators acclaimed the groups. The success was renewed in 2015. That year, companies such as Photonis, Carsat, Weston, Eymin Leidier and of course the 5 Pierre took part.

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Open to employees of Corrèze, Creuse and Haute-Vienne

Today, in times of covid where telework is too often imposed on those for whom it is possible, it is undoubtedly appropriate to propose a new musical derby. It will be able to contribute to finding the link, the dynamics, the joy of living, the party that this damn virus is depriving us of.

In a company, the initiative to form a group can come from employees, managers, the HR department. Companies from the 3 departments of Limousin can participate. All genres of current music are welcomed: rock, hip-hop, electro, etc.

The operation is created in partnership with Horizons Croisés and its Urban Empire festival. The groups will perform on a dedicated stage during this festival on the weekend of August 27 and 28. A predate may be organized in June or July at the John-Lennon cultural center in Limoges. An exceptional pass at 30 euros is reserved for the two days of Urban Empire for all employees of participating companies.

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