January 29, 2022

Apple on the verge of becoming the world’s largest $ 3 trillion company Microsoft is now worth around $ 2.6 trillion

Apple is about to take another important step. The iPhone maker is on the verge of exceeding a market value of over $ 3 trillion, making it the first publicly traded company to achieve such a value. Apple stock rose about 11% last week, extending its gain by more than 30% since the start of the year, as investors remain convinced consumers will continue to pay a high price for iPhones, MacBooks and services like Apple TV and Apple Music.

Established in 1976 in the garage of Steve Jobs’ childhood home in California by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne17, Apple is today an American multinational that creates and markets consumer electronics, personal computers and software. Among the company’s best-known products are Macintosh computers, iPod, iPhone and iPad, Apple Watch, iTunes media player, and professional software such as Final Cut Pro and Logic. Pro.

In 2019, the company employs 137,000 people and operates 506 Apple Stores in 25 countries 14,15 and an online store selling devices and software from Apple, but also from third parties. Its annual turnover for the year 2020 reaches 111.4 billion dollars.

Due to its industrial philosophy, its marketing approach based on innovation, ergonomics and aesthetics of its products appreciated by consumers, its original advertising campaigns and customers who identify with the company and the brand, Apple has built a unique reputation in the consumer electronics industry.

The advance of the iPhone maker, which rose from $ 2 trillion to nearly $ 3 trillion in market value, came in 16 months, at the head of a group of very large-cap technology companies, such as Alphabet, the parent of Google, and Amazon, which have benefited from the fact that individuals and businesses relied heavily on technology during the pandemic. By comparison, Apple’s jump from $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 billion took two years.

It is now one of the most valued companies in the market, showing the dominance of American technology in the world and investor confidence that it will remain in Apple hands, said Brian Frank. , a portfolio manager at Frank Capital who sold his long-standing position in Apple in 2019 as the stock’s valuation rose. It looks like the stock has priced all the good results it can get.

Among the new revenue lines expected by investors is a possible Apple Car, alongside the growth of service categories such as applications and television, which still fall well below the 65% of the company’s revenue generated by the company. sales of iPhones. Eclipsing the $ 3 trillion mark would add another feather to the hat of chief executive Tim Cook, who took over after Steve Jobs resigned in 2011, and oversaw the company’s expansion into new products and services. markets.

Tim Cook has done an amazing job over the past decade, pushing Apple’s stock price up over 1,400%, said Edward Moya, analyst at OANDA. One of the greatest strengths of Apple’s positioning in the market is to maintain a limited range of products.

You have to have an iPhone to have an Apple Watch

While this isn’t immediately obvious (since many smartwatches work independently of each other), the only way to use an Apple Watch is to have your own iPhone to pair it with. While this situation isn’t a big deal for iPhone users, for those with Android devices, the temptation to wear an Apple Watch means reaching out for more.

This is one more example of Apple products that are less and less open to non-iOS users, although with all the apps that are now supposed to run natively, maybe the change is happening. produce on this point. When Android was first released, it was a laughable, bug-ridden system that seemed like a clown alternative to the much smoother iOS system.

But over the years, Google has helped transform the platform into a genuinely intuitive and malleable operating system that can be adapted to any device, processor, and box. That’s not to say iOS has never changed, small tweaks here and there (like split-screen apps) kept it functional, but it needs a real overhaul.

Microsoft is now worth around $ 2.6 trillion and Alphabet, owned by Google, has a market value of around $ 2000 billion. Amazon, with a market capitalization of $ 1.7 trillion, and Elon Musk’s Tesla, which is worth $ 1,000 billion, are still gloves, but further behind.

Source : Reuters

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