January 26, 2022

Apis Cor, Florida, to become the first 3D printing house-building technology company to offer stock to the public

Apis Cor, an additive manufacturing company incorporated in the US state of Florida, has been licensed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission to offer stock to the public, the first such company to do so. This project comes as additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing) is poised to experience exponential growth in the near term as construction companies begin to adopt 3D printing technologies globally.

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With the aim of providing affordable housing for the 21st century, Apis Cor vows to reduce home-construction times from three months to a mere five days. (Photo: Business Wire)

“It’s a real historic moment,” says Anna Cheniuntai, CEO of Apis Cor. “Now anyone, even a small individual investor, can be a part of this very exciting new field, which is expected to revolutionize the construction industry in the months and years to come.”

The building is preparing to go digital

According to a report from researchandmarkets.com, the global building market is forecasting strong growth for the post-pandemic recovery period, reaching a staggering $ 16.6 trillion in 2025. Many experts believe additive manufacturing will play a role essential in this growth, as construction companies, building material companies and developers of high-tech solutions are already starting to contact printer manufacturers directly.

SmarTech Publishing, which tracks the most recent advancements in additive manufacturing, estimates that the global 3D printing building market will surpass $ 40 billion over the next five years. In a recent report, SmarTech says 3D printing technologies will be key to “bringing the traditional building industry into the digital age”.

Affordable housing in the 21st century

It’s no secret that the demand for affordable housing is growing as the population grows. But it takes a lot of time and money to build viable housing with conventional 20th century technologies. And this is where, according to Ms. Cheniuntai, Apis Cor comes in, the company that built the world’s largest building in 3D printing in 2019.

“A hundred years ago, famous industrialist Henry Ford solved a similar problem by automating automobile production. Today we are applying the same idea to building houses, ”she says. “Our mission is to fully automate the house building process in order to reduce the construction time from three months to just five days.”

Ms. Cheniuntai adds: “Because at Apis Cor we believe that everyone, everywhere, has the right to affordable housing”.

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