May 26, 2022

an obligation for employees in contact with the public from August 30


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J.Bigard, N.Bidard, G.Pinol, G.Gheorghita

France 2

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The health pass will be compulsory for employees of companies that welcome the public from August 30. A puzzle for bosses and employees.

In some sectors, employees in contact with the public will have to have a health pass to work, from August 30 until November 15. This concerns restaurants, museums, cinemas, or long distance transport. A real headache in these companies. Eloise Guillot works in a gym and does not want to be vaccinated. “Until October 1, luckily the tests are free, so I will still be able to come to work, but after the question arises, will I lose my job?she wonders.

In the absence of a health pass, the young woman can be suspended without pay. Her boss will have to replace her. The refractory employees can however occupy another function away from the public. “It depends on the sectors of activity, in a very small company, in a hotel, a café, a restaurant, you do not have much possibility of reclassification outside of contact with customers“, notes Yves Veyrier, general secretary of Force Ouvrière.