May 22, 2022

an Alsatian company on site

In Muttersholtz, the Mathis company already produces the elements for the Aquatic Center

Credit: Top Music – CR

In Muttersholtz, everyone knows the Mathis company, established in the heart of the village for five generations. Mathis is one of the three biggest specialists in wood construction in France. Historically all the production and the design office are done in Alsace, precisely in Muttersholtz. “We design, we draw, we manufacture and we install”, says François KLUGHERTZ, East-Export Sector Director. Mathis employs 160 people on permanent contracts, plus around 40 temporary workers right now because the activity has exploded. It must be said that the Mathis company has been selected to work on the sites of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The building has already been built Pulse in Saint-Denis which hosts the offices of the organizing committee of the Olympic Games, as well as the temporary Grand Palace, on the Champs de Mars in Paris and which is intended to host martial arts competitions. Remain to be built for Mathis accommodation buildings for athletes in Saint-Denis and Saint-Ouen, basketball arena and especially the Aquatic Center Saint-Denis (opposite the Stade de France) which will be a technical feat.

Unheard of in France

The roof of the Aquatic Center will be made of glued laminated timber catenas with a span of 90 meters! It is a world first in these dimensions. For a year now, the Mathis design office has been working on this project. It will take 7,600 hours to design, calculate and make the plans for this important structure of 2,300 m3 of glued laminated timber elements, 3,400 m2 of insulated timber frame walls and 350 tonnes of metal components. The installation will last seven months (from April 2022 to the end of November 2022). The first wooden elements have been manufactured since last November and stored in the Paris region. Scandinavian spruce is used for this project. At the opening of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, half of Mathis’ employees will have participated in the construction of one of the new Olympic buildings.

In this litter, with this type of structure, it is indeed a world first. To my knowledge, there are two other buildings of this type there in the world, one in Canada, the other in Japan. But in these dimensions it is indeed a world first. Elements that will reach up to 90 meters, in very small sections, which makes for a rather incredible technical performance. / François KLUGHERTZ, East-Export Sector Director at Mathis

The Arboretum in Nanterre

In parallel with this Olympic project, which will give a good reputation to the Alsatian company, Mathis is working on the construction of a campus with five wooden buildings for offices. “It’s a huge project in parallel with Paris 2024”, confirms François KLUGHERTZ, East-Export Sector Director at Mathis. « Our order book is saturated. People understood that you could make a lot of things out of wood. It’s a rediscovery (there have always been half-timbered houses). Wood is the only structural material that stores carbon (unlike steel and concrete). 1 m3 of wood stores one ton of carbon. More wood is a renewable resource. The sawmills we work with have a responsible approach: 1 tree cut = 1 tree replanted”.

Arboretum construction site in Nanterre – La Defense / Delegated contracting authority: WO2 / Photo credit: © WO2 – Arboretum

Mathis has references on five continents, such as the Nouméa Cultural Center (New Caledonia), one of his most important projects in 1995.