January 24, 2022

Alphabet to launch quantum computing business

Alphabet is preparing for the “spinout” of its division dedicated to quantum computing. This new company called Sandbox Technology Inc will exist alongside Google and DeepMind, and could become one of the major players in Quantum Computing.

In the field of quantum computing, discoveries and advances one after the other. In 2022, the industry around this technology could experience a real boom and transform IT as we know it.

Last year, Google and its partners have made a crucial breakthrough. Researchers have succeeded in creating a new phase of matter within a quantum computer: the “Time Crystals”.

This is a major discovery, because the temporal crystals defy the laws of classical physics. This new phase of matter is comparable to a snowflake which constantly returns between two different configurations without losing or using energy.

Scientists hope to harness the power of time crystals, with the aim of build quantum computing systems advanced capable of accomplishing feats beyond all supercomputers combined.

Until recently, quantum computers were considered to be technology of the future. Many research centers and companies are investing heavily in the development of functional quantum systems, but no one has succeeded in demonstrate “the quantum advantage” : a point at which a quantum computer successfully performs an operation that a supercomputer cannot.

Some claim to have reached this stage, like the Google researchers in 2019. However, these claims still require to be “peer-reviewed” or evaluated by the scientific community.

Sandbox Technology Inc: an Alphabet company dedicated to Quantum Computing

Either way, Business Insider now reveals that Alphabet plans the “spinout” of Sandbox Technology Inc : a company dedicated to quantum computing, incubated within the Moonshot program. Therefore, Sandbox would exist independently alongside other Alphabet companies like Google and DeepMind.

This decision by Alphabet confirms that the American giant firmly believes in the future of Quantum Computing. New experiences should be announced by Sandbox, with the hope of raising funds to carry them out.

We will have to wait to discover the projects and ambitions of Sandbox. It is not known whether the firm will continue its research projects such as the one on Time Crystals, or if it plans to implement a strategy and work on it. development of a commercial quantum system. This company could aim to raise funds for research, or to sell quantum technologies.

As a result, startups in the field of quantum computing will have to face competition from giants like Google and IBM, which has unveiled its roadmap. In November 2021, IBM released a processor exceeding 100 Qubits.

Alphabet’s entry onto the scene could disrupt the Quantum Computing industry. In 2021, the companies Honeywell Quantum Solutions and Cambridge Quantum Computing merged to create Quantinuum. In total, more than 3 billion dollars have been invested in the sector during the year. Giants such as IBM and Google may be looking to acquire startups like Oxford Quantum Circuits and Alice & Bob.

After the web, artificial intelligence or Big Data, quantum computing is shaping up to be the next battleground for tech giants