January 23, 2022

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Microsoft is a company founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul G. Allen. It is known in the development of computers, systems, software and applications. However, it should be emphasized that its activity is not limited to this. From hybrid electronic tablets to multimedia titles, including computer peripherals, its products are numerous.

These are, moreover, sold throughout the world. As such, although Microsoft’s headquarters are in Washington, DC, Redmond, the company has countless offices across all continents. The same is true for its research laboratories. The main ones are located Cambridge in England (1997), to Beijing (1998), to Bangalore (2005), to Cambridge to Massachusetts (2008), at New York (2012) and finally, to Montréal (2015).

Microsoft and its breakthrough in the world of computing

For information, the name Microsoft would be a derivative of the words “microcomputer” and “software” (in English). Microsoft then dominated the personal computer market and managed to sell no less than 100 million copies of its MS-DOS license in the 1980s. He thus rose to the rank of leader, particularly in the design of spreadsheets and word processing programs. The company even manages to get ahead of WordPerfect or Lotus.

Later, this one launches its search engine which it baptizes Live Search. This browser is struggling to position itself against the giants Google and Yahoo. To solve this problem, he sees negotiations with Yahoo. The latter agrees to use Bing and at the same time manage premium advertisements for Microsoft’s virtual platform.

In its war against Google, Bill Gates’ company is also embarking on cloud computing. For this purpose, he designs Microsoft Azure in 2010. This tool encourages operators to set up an IT infrastructure in the cloud. This newly created infrastructure will then be offered to the general public, but this time in the form of services.

It is important to remember that Bill Gates no longer occupies the position of CEO at Microsoft. The illustrious founder bequeathed his post to Steve Ballmer in 2000, although he remained chairman of the board. Ballmer, he leaves room for Satya Nadella in 2014. Although doubts hover over the fall of the American giant following the departure of its founder, Microsoft did not let it go. To this day, the company maintains its leadership in productivity software, online gaming services and operating systems.

Focus on the main Microsoft products

While the pandemic has had a devastating effect on many businesses, an increase in demand for using the cloud has been recorded at Microsoft. The impact is therefore positive, and this obviously has an impact on the company’s financial results for 2021. According to the sources, the “Intelligent Cloud” segment reported the most profit.

As a reminder, Microsoft is selling cloud service systems, but also computer devices and software. It then split its activity into three distinct segments:

  • Productivity and Business Processes,
  • Intelligent Cloud,
  • and finally, what is called ” More Personal Computing ».

The first segment includes a selection of products aimed at optimizing productivity, communication as well as information services.

The Intelligent Cloud segment, on the other hand, touches everything relating to Microsoft servers, whether private, public and even hybrid, as well as the cloud services offered by the company. We will cite SQL Server, GitHub or Azure.

As for the “More Personal Computing” segment, it is characterized by its concept according to which the customer is placed at the heart of its technology. We will therefore find everything relating to “gaming” products or Windows operating systems.

AI, at the center of Microsoft’s activity

In order to simplify the digital transformation process, Microsoft has implemented stand-alone systems. Note that this is not just basic automation. The company also offers a support program for scientists and NGOs who use AI tools. These technologies have great relevance in several sectors such as the environment, health or crop protection.

These Microsoft inventions that will revolutionize the future

Thanks to the development of machine learning, Microsoft was able to provide solutions that could impact the future life of humanity. We can cite AI translators, facial recognition equipment, technologies aimed at improving the health sector or HoloLens 2.

AI translators

Machine learning has made the immediate translation of speech possible. While useful, Microsoft’s technologies can always be improved. As a reminder, his score in terms of linguistic translation was 8 out of the 19 challenges offered to the « Conference on Machine Translation » of 2019. The technology implemented by the company’s research teams effectively presents algorithms that will revolutionize the future. For information, the advantages of automated translation can be observed in all fields: international relations, medicine, not to mention the field of creative writing.

Facial expression recognition tools

At Microsoft, AI is used in the design of all kinds of smart applications. The latter are able to detect images, noises, but also facial expressions. As such, we have Microsoft Project Oxford which was highlighted during the conference « Future Decoded » from Microsoft. This tool was able to demystify Chris Bishop’s emotions. Microsoft Azure is also one of these remote facial recognition solutions.

The training tool, HoloLens 2

Microsoft HoloLens 2 is the result of a collaboration between Microsoft and Walgreens. This technology provides training for boutique employees in North America. The latter will subsequently be able to “Restock properly” products. The management of a complication at the level of customer service as well as the quality control at the level of perishable foodstuffs will also be the subject of this training. This will be done through a “3D mixed reality model” set up within the stores.

Technology applicable to health

Microsoft engineers are also involved in the medical world. To date, IT solutions are being tested in the fight against cancer. In this sense, the teams organize themselves according to the adopted strategy.

The mix between natural language processing as well as machine learning allows, for example, oncologists to allocate precise treatments against intuitive cancer progression in patients. Another team is in charge of exploiting computer vision and machine learning. The aim is to provide radiologists with better scans and data on developing tumors.

In addition to these interventions, Microsoft remains an active player, even in times of crisis. As the world grapples with one of the biggest pandemics ever, Microsoft is investing in the COVID-19 Healthcare Bot. It is a source of reliable information for healthcare professionals. Finally, the company is a real facilitator of remote work which is essential to guarantee the continuity of operations in the company.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Formerly called « Windows Azure », Microsoft Azure refers to Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. From compute to networking, including analytics and storage, its cloud services are offered to the general public. Interested parties thus have a wide choice that will allow them to develop new programs and applications inside the public cloud. With Azure, professionals can easily reach their social goals. It should be remembered that this tool is compatible with any open source technology. She also enjoys great versatility, dealing with a variety of sectors, including finance and e-commerce.

When it comes to cloud computing, Azure includes:

  • A platform as a service or PaaS,
  • an infrastructure as a service or IaaS,
  • software as a service or SaaS and another without a server.

To benefit from Azure, subscribers receive the invoice every end of the month. The amount displayed corresponds to the value of the resources requested by each user. In addition, all you need to do is subscribe to benefit from all the services of the Azure portal. In this respect, we will highlight virtual machines.

Focus on the support plans provided by Azure

Although Azure is a work of Microsoft, Microsoft is not the only one to provide software on the platform. Other vendors also do this with application costs that can vary from one to three times. In many cases, this involves paying for the subscription to an application or even more charges for hosting it.

Typically, Microsoft’s customer support plans for Azure number five. In the first place, there is the offer Basic, that of Developer, l’option Standard, the one for Direct professional and finally the option Premium. The real difference between these solutions lies in the price as well as the scope of the services.

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