January 26, 2022

Akoyas recruits business leaders to develop its network

Created in 2012 and deployed as a franchise since 2020, Akoyas is a network of consultants specializing in human resources and support in changing people’s lives. Despite the context of crisis that has been going on for two years, the brand is displaying strong growth momentum. The network currently brings together 105 establishments present in France but also in Guadeloupe and Martinique.

A concept based on advice and support

Akoyas based its concept on an innovative service offer with strong values. The network supports companies on their HR issues such as recruitment, quality of life, professional interviews and training. Since the new law on training and the new procedure for mobilizing its CPF, training requests have exploded.

To meet this strong demand, the network offers vocational training both from its catalog and tailor-made training for specific needs: Skills assessment, entrepreneurship, pleasure selling, NVC, thinking hats, leadership and management…

The Akoyas customers are supported on all areas related to the development of their activity, whether they are business leaders or people wishing to carry out an entrepreneurial project.

A franchise accessible to different candidate profiles

Akoyas recruits candidates wishing to pursue a profession that makes sense and serves others. Proof of the success of his concept with project leaders, 35 entrepreneurs have joined the network in less than two years.

The franchisor assured them quality support in order to guarantee their success in the launch and exercise of their activity. They also took advantage offull training and support in all stages of the creation of their businesses.

Akoyas franchisees are not all human resources professionals. Only 30% come from this area. The others have skills in other sectors, particularly in the world of entrepreneurship. In addition, Akoyas partners and their employees are women and men aged 20 to 60.