January 23, 2022

Advantages for the employees of a company

To strengthen the capacities of their staff and introduce them to the use of new techniques or technologies developed in their fields, companies train their employees. Varied from one sector to another, the training of company personnel are available both face-to-face and online. But online ones seem to have more benefits for businesses and employees alike. Discover in this article the advantages of online business staff training, the ideal school to train your company’s employees as well as the various training courses it offers.

Why do company staff need to take training?

The professional environment is a field in perpetual movement. This requires companies and employees to adapt permanently to the new requirements of their fields. Thus, it is necessary for companies to forward to their employees training to strengthen their abilities. However, these trainings can be of short or long duration. But how do you get them to follow employees from formations without creating a vacuum of personnel within the company?

Online training: a very profitable alternative for companies and for employees

With the new information and communication technologies, all sectors of everyday life have gone digital. Thus, it is more common nowadays to follow professional training without moving from their living or working environment: the e-learning. This new form of training which brings together, on virtual platforms, of learners and trainers is increasingly adopted for the training of employees in companies. And this in particular because of the many advantages provided by online training.

With online training, you save time

Indeed, the online training do not require a physical presence in person, neither learners nor trainers. To follow or participate in such training, simply connect to the virtual platform dedicated for this purpose from their computer, tablet or smartphone. It only takes a few clicks and you are already in the virtual room training. This saves you time, because you no longer need to cover a given distance before going to the place of the training. You can therefore stay in your workplace or at home to take this training. This allows you to always be active within your company. Also, do you have the possibility with this form of training to relive the courses given by the trainer through videos or documents left on the platform.

With a online formation, you only need a margin of time to take your courses, unlike face-to-face training which may require you to move or request a layoff from your employer.

Online training because it is less expensive

The online training are very affordable compared to face-to-face training. Usually the online formation costs almost less than half the cost for the same face-to-face training. Thus, any company that opts for a online formation to strengthen the capacity of its employees will have to spend little for training which should cost relatively more.

Online training because it is faster and makes learners operational very quickly

Generally, face-to-face training is long. The courses that take place there are longer. While with a online formation, the courses are more precise and concise. The essentials are given in record time and experienced to make the learners operational as quickly as possible.

It should therefore be remembered that online training saves companies a lot of precious time, spends less on training which should cost more and gets employees up and running in record time.

Online training because it involves effective monitoring

Generally, the online training platforms have a specific and effective monitoring mechanism for each learner. Employees following online training to strengthen their abilities therefore have the opportunity to ask questions and any other concerns. Also, with a online formation, are learners flexible, relaxed and have no pressure or stress related to the school environment or training in a given fixed setting.

By opting for a online formation for your business staff, you can measure the impact of the training your employees receive. You can thus ask them your concerns which they will in turn pose to their trainer in order to have objective answers.

Which benchmark school for effectively training your business staff online?

the company staff is already exploitable. He therefore only goes to training to improve his skills. working capacities in order to make more profitable the productions of his company. Thus, they are professionals who already know the basic notions of their fields. It is therefore important to ensure the choice of the entity that will be responsible for employee training of your company.

In France, there is a competent entity specially dedicated to employee training of companies: the French School. This school, whose mission is to restore the power of knowledge to the French, is investing in employee training enterprises. It offers staff of training companies :

  • in sign language;
  • nail prosthesis;
  • in interior decoration;
  • in dietetic nutrition;
  • and management ;
  • in English ;
  • caregiver;
  • in real estate;
  • to excel at oral;
  • in make-up and care;
  • in website creation;
  • in computer science ;
  • in Photoshop;
  • Excel ;
  • d’illustrator ;
  • an indesign;
  • florist;
  • on sale ;
  • in self-entrepreneurship;
  • de revit autodesk.

This school offers online training remotely for company employees. It is also possible to follow one of these training courses at home on your own account if you are a self-employed person or a job seeker.

With this school, your employees will be introduced to new techniques and technologies recently released in their fields. This will help improve the performance of your business. For example, by having your company’s communications manager train in sign language, you broaden your clientele to people with hearing disabilities. This will undoubtedly contribute to the increase in the company’s revenue.

Training employees of an online company: what are the advantages for the employee?

Many people think that a employee training online is only beneficial to the employer. But this thought is not quite true, it remains beneficial for both parties. Indeed, when a company puts its employees in training, its objective is to make its staff more competent and thus improve its productions. However, such training cannot be unfavorable for the employee. Because, by following courses financed by his employer, he improves his own capacities, enriches his knowledge in his field of work. Moreover, it is in his name that the end of training parchment is issued, thus enriching his curriculum vitae. Which, in most cases, earns him a pay rise as he moves up through the ranks and becomes more productive for the company. Also, in the event of professional retraining or at the end of the term of his contract with his employer, he remains the sole owner of his assets that he can again assert elsewhere.

The online training for company employees are thus beneficial for both companies and employees.

Online training: an obligation for any company wishing to remain competitive

Having your company’s staff trained is not optional if the company wants to face competition. Indeed, companies must be up to date with recent innovations. For example, for a company that works in IT, its employees need to become familiar with the new software and algorithms recently created. This will allow the company to be current and in the competitive race. With online training of your employees, you update your company’s skills and optimize their production capacities.

Online training for company employees: the trend of the moment

There are several alternatives to increase the staff capacities from a company. A company seminar, for example, is both to motivate staff and strengthen production capacities of it. But this option is more expensive and requires preparation that takes entire days for companies. This means that the company is losing significant benefits in terms of training.

The online training are the big trend of the moment. With high-speed internet which is available in all companies, training courses which are less expensive and schools or training centers renowned for the quality of their know-how, online training has emerged as the best alternative to enhance skills within a company.