Managing your workload rather than managing your attendance time”, this is the objective of the new organization proposed by David Gavroy – CEO of DG Group composed of 4 companies* in Luxembourg : ” We wish to offer this freedom which is still very little ingrained in morals. Everyone will now organize their working time as they wish, based on a relationship without professional constraints ».

Would the pandemic have given wings to this young entrepreneur? Yes, undeniably. His only challenge? That of disaccustoming employees to the traditional system. The company has 37 employees, 30 of whom are French and Belgian borders. The secret to everything going well? ” Trust “.

3 questions to David Gavroy, CEO

Translation of “Make you shin brighter”

Are you concerned about the well-being of your employees?

David Gavroy : This is one of my priorities. Well-being at work is a “win-win”. With around forty employees, our group has a physical and moral responsibility that goes beyond legal duties and obligations.

In order to find the right balance between a private life and a professional life, I proposed to my teams to release their schedules. Each employee organizes his day according to his obligations. It’s better.

Did confinement help you make this decision?

David Gavroy : Unquestionably. This giant step is further proof of the digitization of the companies concerned. The IT infrastructure and the stress tests allowed the teams to work calmly from their living room during the confinement, it would have been a shame to limit this success to emergency situations.

Our industry requires a lot of team meetings but some tasks can be done remotely. I would like my team to be able to shed the weight that we all know when we are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Now she can put her family, her hobbies or medical appointments first without fear of reprisal. Only Luxembourg law and the mandatory provisions of the State of residence in the context of teleworking must be respected.

Will employees be subject to checks?

David Gavroy : No more fixed timetables, no more checks. Employees have only one watchword: the work must be done on time. Whether you arrive at 10 or 11 am, there is no problem as long as the work is done. It is also in this dispute that the system has proven itself in foreign companies: absenteeism rate close to 0, almost non-existent turnover and happy employees.

People don’t live to work. Adapting to the modern world also means understanding that the priorities are also elsewhere.

As a reminder

The normal working time for employees in Luxembourg is 8 hours a day and 40 hours per week.

Please note
*(NOOSPHERE Brand Strategy, Linc SA for Yellow, Z6 Création Sàrl and Hello Deco Sàrl)

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