January 18, 2022

A French company offers to offer a blob as a Christmas present

As Christmas approaches, it is seriously time to think about traditional gifts. If you haven’t done all of your shopping yet, here’s something to give you some ideas. A company in the south of France, Blob Shop, sells boxes containing two strains of blob: Ava and Badhamia. To help you feed them, you will also find in the box oats, and agar-agar, a gelling product that allows it to move, and tools such as a pipette, spatula and forceps. All for 39 euros.

“There is really a very, very playful dimension“, explains to France Inter the founder of Blob Shop, Arnaud Peyron. We don’t know how the blob will react, there are several species so they move differently, don’t eat the same thing, they have different characters so there is plenty to study on that. ”

If the idea may surprise, it nevertheless appeals to many French people, since the company founded last September is doubling its turnover every week.

What is a blob?

The blob was made very popular by Thomas Pesquet, who had several specimens with him during his space mission. The blob is neither an animal nor a plant, nor even a fungus or a bacterium. It is made up of a single cell and has over 700 different sexes. “It’s a slime mold, explained Elisabeth Quertier, educational manager of the Paris Zoological Park. He has a giant cell. It is visible to the naked eye, which is quite exceptional. ”

It lives in humid regions all over the world. And despite its lack of a brain, the blob is capable of intelligence (it can find the shortest path in a labyrinth) and endowed with mobility (it can move at a rate of one centimeter per hour). “If there is food that interests him, he will go exploring and move around. If there is nothing that interests him, he will remain static.”

The blob would also be immortal … in theory. “When there is too much light or when it is too hot, it shrinks and dries up. It will go into a form of dormancy. It will wake up when the conditions in which it lives are more favorable. gardeners put water on him, then he will wake up. In this form, he can therefore be immortal., explains the park employee. But immortal does not mean eternal! He can, for example, be eaten by slugs. “

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