January 23, 2022

a company is developing a board game on Covid-19

“With everything that is happening at the moment, frankly we could make a game of it”, immediately thought Yohan Foulcher, president and founder of the Toulouse company Opsylon Games, questioned by The Independent Opinion. He then began to evoke the idea around him, first in the tone of humor.

“My relatives told me that it was a real good idea that could be useful for people to play down the health situation“, he continues. Today, the game” La Gauge Infernale: Covid Edition “is well and truly launched.

The first step was to research the concept

Before the plateau was palpable, various stages were inevitable. “The first phase consisted of find a real concept and the mechanics of the game“, explains its creator. The project also started in mid-January 2021.

Afterwards, the prototyping stage came into play. “At the same time, test groups with players of very different age groups and backgrounds have been set up. The objective was to have the widest possible representativeness “, specifies Yohan Foulcher.

100% French manufacturing

Then there was a question of finding a manufacturer. Indeed, the creator of the game founded the company Opsylon to keep the editing, design and distribution parts of the game. But he couldn’t take care of the manufacturing.

“We had neither the skills nor the industrial tools to produce on a large scale. Manufacturing started in September 2021. So I subcontracted to a French manufacturer located near Troyes“, underlines Yohan Foulcher.

The entrepreneur had first sought to produce in Occitania, but did not find happiness in the region. “There are only three companies in the manufacture of games in France, and they are further north,” he explains. But the French manufacture would already not be so common in the world of board games.

The player plays a character in the midst of a pandemic

The principle of the game is simple: the player will play a character and this one will live 6 months of pandemic. The goal : preserve morale, health and wallet. These 3 aspects will be represented on the board via three gauges.

“The idea is to regain control over the pandemic”, symbolizes Yohan Foulcher. One week will equal one turn, and on each turn the player will have to plan the actions they will take during the following week. He will return “government” cards, which will tell him what he has the right to do or not.

Depending on his actions, the gauges will lose or gain points. The objective is to have the highest score on the three gauges. “There are wild cards, twists and turns with government cards and of course the interaction between the players,” highlights the entrepreneur.

“La Gauge Infernale: Covid Edition”, a positive game

The game is halfway between strategy and chance, and conducive to anecdotes by its universal and current theme. He wants to be as positive as possible, with small touches of humor and positive messages. For example, even when the health gauge reaches zero, the player does not die.

“We also chose toeliminate some potentially divisive themes“, adds Yohan Foulcher. Among these themes, vaccines.” We should not spoil the Christmas meal! “, he concludes.