June 30, 2022

23 companies from Occitanie will take off for Las Vegas in January 2022

Kubb, the cubic computer of Toulousain Bleu Jour, will be in Las Vegas. (© Blue Day)

The region Occitanie and his agency Ad’Occ accompany 23 regional companies from digital to CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas (United States), the largest international trade fair dedicated to technological innovation. It will be from January 5 to 8, 2022.

Last year, Covid-19 requires, companies were less traveling. Only 11 for Occitania had made the trip in January 2021.

Jalil Benabdillah, regional vice-president in charge of the economy, employment, innovation and reindustrialisation will represent the president of the Region Carole Delga at the head of this regional delegation.

Seventh regional participation

With already 7 participations in this event, a solid network and recognized expertise in supporting businesses, the Ad’Occ agency, on behalf of the Region, puts its experience and tools at the service of the regional ecosystem. . The startups of the delegation benefit from full support: training days and coaching high-level upstream of the show, permanent support and daily points for better organization during the event, and a real follow-up post CES to concretize the exchanges and sign professional contracts.

Distinguish yourself from a big competition

Objective: to allow startups in Occitania to stand out among the 1,700 exhibitors from all over the world to this great annual mass of technological innovation.

Among the 23 regional companies present at CES 2022, 17 were selected to exhibit on Eureka Park of CES alongside the world’s best innovations.

“After two years of crisis, the Region is mobilizing more than ever to help regional businesses move forward and return to the very good momentum before 2020 ″ declares the president of the Occitanie Region, Carole Delga.

Here are the 23 regional companies participating in CES 2022. Two are from the Gard, the others are all from the Haute-Garonne and Hérault.

Within the Eureka Park:

  • Nov and Sat Caremitou. Health, Hérault – Technical solutions for animal welfare.
  • Drone Geofencing. Mobility, Gard – Software for managing the activities of professional and personal drones.
  • Ellona. Environment, Haute-Garonne – Monitoring of nuisances in outdoor and indoor atmospheres.
  • FittingBox. Commerce, Haute-Garonne – Virtual glasses fitting solutions for websites, stores and brands.
  • Kryptulip. Fintech, Haute-Garonne – NFT Technology.
  • MyOwnVoice. Health, Haute-Garonne – Create digital copy of your voice up to 50 sentences.
  • Naio Technology. Agritech, Haute-Garonne – Agricultural robots. Winner of a CES Awards 2022.
  • Cryosocks. IMT environment – Health, Haute-Garonne – Click & Freeze® concept to promote rapid muscle recovery.
  • Sharvy Mycarspot. Mobility, Hérault – Digital shared space solution.
  • Specialist Wanted. Company, Hérault – Marketplace connecting entrepreneurs with experienced consultants.
  • Vaonis. Spatial, Hérault – Connected telescope.
  • Wag Data. Commerce, Gard – Wag Data is a SAAS allowing web professionals to understand in real time the purchase intention of an Internet user.
  • ATR. Mobility, Haute-Garonne – Custumer Experience ATR Show.
  • Odaptos. Commerce, Hérault – Easier and cheaper usability tests.
  • 3D aerospace. Spatial, Haute-Garonne – State-of-the-art satellite surveillance technology at the service of industries.
  • Nimble One. Mobility, Haute-Garonne – Presentation of the ARU robot, capable of moving and performing tasks in a complex environment in complete autonomy or remotely.
  • Blue Day. IT, Haute-Garonne – Kubb: the cube-shaped computer of tomorrow.

Auto / mobility pavilion:

  • Eye-Light, Haute-Garonne – Head-up display for motorbikes and cars.
  • Road-light, Haute-Garonne – Illuminated safety device for cyclists.

Visitors (registrations still open):

  • Go2Scale. Company, Hérault – Automate development tasks to simplify developers’ lives.
  • Ziwit. Cybersecurity, Hérault – Cybersecurity.
  • Karine & Jeff. Food industry, Haute-Garonne and the United States – Nature cuisine.
  • Liberty Rider. Mobility, Haute-Garonne – Route sharing and accident detection to reassure family and friends during a motorcycle outing.

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