October 16, 2021

How to protect your business from phishing?

New information and communication technologies are normally intended to facilitate information and connection between people. However, their scope is often used for malicious purposes. There are many cyber attacks that are perpetrated against businesses every day. One of the most common is phishing. How do you protect your business from this type of attack?

Educate your employees

In order to protect yourself effectively from a threat, you must be aware of it and know how to recognize it. In this sense, you have to start from the fact that all your employees do not necessarily know what phishing is. It is therefore opportune to raise their awareness through a phishing campaign in several stages.

Know what phishing is

Still called Phishing, phishing is a widespread cyber attack. Its main purpose is to encourage you to communicate sensitive professional or personal information. These can be passwords or even banking information. Even if this fraud is done through various channels, the most used is that of emails. In most cases, this is an email supposedly sent by a company with which you are in contact.

Be able to recognize a phishing attempt

Although phishing can be very sophisticated, it is not foolproof. Sometimes the signs of subterfuge are all too visible. The first sign may relate to the object. When a real company sends you an email, its subject is clear and gives you a precise idea of ​​the subject at hand. When this is not the case, your employees must be vigilant.

It may also happen that the email begins with a phrase intended to imply a sense of urgency. It may be a menace imminent suspension of a service important to your business. Moreover, the most obvious sign is that of spelling and grammar mistakes.

In the event that all of these appear correct, the last resort is to pretend to respond to the email. Your software will then display the real sender address email. If it is different from the one previously displayed, then it is a phishing attempt.

Have the right gestures

During the awareness raising of your employees, you will have to teach them to have the right gestures in the face of a phishing attempt. First of all, you must read any email with calm and composure. Rushing is the first mistake to avoid.

Before any action, a verification is needed. For example, they can call the company that sent the email for confirmation. This measure is simple and effective. Moreover, they must above all not click on a link in this kind of mails. This can redirect them to a page where a spyware can be downloaded to a computer in your company. The consequences can then be disastrous. Your information may be used without your knowledge.

Use suitable software

Limit contacts of your employees with these emails remains the best way to protect your business. For this, the use of a suitable software like Mailinblack can prove to be very useful. This kind of software integrates with your email management tool for total protection.

You will be able filter questionable emails through a three-level verification process: the sender address, the links contained in the email and the content. At the slightest inconsistency, the email is definitely classified as fraudulent.