September 25, 2021

The Court of Appeal confirms the decision of the Liège Company Court thus allowing the reorganization plan of ASIT biotech to continue


ASIT biotech (ASIT – BE0974289218), a biopharmaceutical company under Judicial Reorganization Procedure (PRJ) announces today that the Liège Court of Appeal confirms the decision of the Liège company court approving the reorganization plan of ASIT biotech .

On April 16, 2021, ASIT signed a contribution in kind agreement with the company Diagnostic Medical Systems Group (Euronext Paris – FR0012202497 – DGM) under the terms of which DMS undertook to proceed, subject to the completion of a certain number of conditions to a contribution in kind of shares and current accounts of the medical imaging division for the benefit of ASIT (the “Bring »).

The Contribution was conditioned by the final approval of ASIT’s judicial reorganization plan. This condition precedent is now fulfilled.

Completion of the Contribution is also subject to (i) obtaining the approval of the shareholders of ASIT and DMS as well as the competent market authorities, (ii) obtaining the reports of the statutory auditors and auditors. whose mission is to assess the value of the Contribution and the fairness of the remuneration of the contributed assets, and (iii) carrying out the preliminary merger and contribution operations of the bone densitometry activity by DMS to APELEM.

DMS and ASIT continue to work with a view to completing the Contribution in the fall of 2021.


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