October 16, 2021

Based in Capbreton, the company wants to establish itself as the first eco-responsible and high-end brand dedicated to professionals …

Announced at the end of the summer, this initiative powered by Api’Up will be officially presented at the beginning of October during the Worskpace Expo in Paris. Two collections are planned for the launch of the brand.

Api’Up is no stranger to woodworking and responsible commitments. ” We already have a brand that brings together our know-how in carpentry, intended for everyone: Api’Up Mobilier Ecoresponsable. We are already using recycled and recyclable materials. Ospher is a logical continuation of our positioning », Explains Valérie Fernani, director of the supporting structure of the project.

« This brand will be dedicated to the development of professional spaces. We wanted to stand out from what we were already doing, while maintaining our values. Thus, the design will be different from what we offer with our first brand, it will be closer to the aesthetic codes of large groups, for example. And on the materials side, we decided to go even further in recycling ».

Api’Up Mobilier Ecoresponsable products are already composed of 99% recycled and recyclable materials. The Ospher furniture will also incorporate wood, but also granisphere and polysphere, two eco-materials resulting respectively from the recycling of leather scraps and textile scraps.

« This offers a new field of aesthetic proposals through colors and materials and a new field of application by working on the shapes and technical qualities of these eco-materials, such as acoustic protection. And we are very proud to be able to offer these materials resulting from a unique recycling method that we have patented. ».

The products will therefore be visually different and will also stand out in their use. ” Since 2018, we have been looking at the future of the world of work. For Ospher, our starting point was not the design of furniture, but the design of interior design concepts. We decided that our furniture would favor modularity, to be able to adapt to the needs of employees in terms of comfort and well-being, in particular with arrangements facilitating their movements. ».

Initially, the Ospher furniture will be intended for shared co-working spaces. Then, in a second step, the brand will develop to equip rooms for meetings, conferences, breaks, catering, etc. Ultimately, it wants to be present in each new hybrid space of a company.

« We will offer our customers tables, desks, seats, acoustic panels, partitions, storage, etc. Any type of office furniture whose modules can easily be moved and associated with each other to energize the space ».

Still in the prototype phase, the brand should soon launch its production in the Landes. ” We will stay in the Capbreton area. We have local suppliers, who offer materials from a radius of less than 200 km around us, and we will create jobs. We will benefit the territory as much as we benefit from its advantages ».

In addition, Api’Up and Ospher products are manufactured in an integration workshop whose mission is to support people in difficulty towards sustainable employment. ” This has been one of our Api’Up commitments since the beginning ».

Valérie Fernani specifies that the two brands will always be available and presented to customers, the latter being able to freely choose their products. ” The idea is really that the two offers complement each other. With Api’Up Mobilier Ecoresponsable we respond a lot to tailor-made requests from professionals. »

« We therefore favor the project mode and a design that our customers readily qualify as authentic. With Ospher, we are working more on the catalog offer on the basis of a very contemporary design and very innovative materials. », She concludes.

See you on October 6, 7 and 8 in Paris for the Worskapce Expo, where the first Ospher products will be presented, before a second presentation, still in the capital, from October 19 to November 4, at the Via Gallery.

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