October 16, 2021

A permanent contract in a large company: a victory for Rémy’s parents for their autistic son to integrate

When you are the parent of a child with a severe disability, every small step is a victory. The one that Rémy Patry recently accomplished is a giant leap.

Diagnosed with “severe atypical autism with delay”, recognized as “80% incapacitated”, this 22-year-old young man from Boismorand was taken on a permanent contract last June in a large cosmetics company, through a work inclusion project.

A diagnostic center in the Loiret to detect autism at the first signs in children

Rémy at his workstation.

Professionally “independent on two shifts” according to his father, Dominique, who constantly followed him with his wife, Danielle, Rémy takes care of, among other things, washing cans or sorting items with bar codes. “He has developed the language and knows how to make himself understood, explains Dominique Patry. He speaks simple sentences and has a good understanding of requests that may be made of him. “

Rémy had started his integration into his company in September 2020, helped by “Living and working differently”. This association works to promote the inclusion of people with autism in the workplace. “He is very well integrated and accepted by all his colleagues,” explains Dominique, whose pride is reflected in his voice.

“Very well integrated”

In his daily life, Rémy enjoys outdoor activities. Regular athlete, he regularly practiced athletics, climbing, cross country, as well as indoor rowing. He even has his first ski star.

The smile that now illuminates the face of young adults has not always been so radiant. That of his parents too, constantly having to keep pace with their son.

In the Loiret, the parents’ fight so that their daughter Ayline, with multiple disabilities, can go to nursery

At the age of 4, Rémy begins to be taken care of by the medical-educational institute (IME) of Nevoy, initially at the rate of two mornings per week.

Gradually, admission is extended to arrive at a five-day boarding school at the IME Cigale in La Ferté-Saint-Aubin from 2012. He is then 13 years old.

At a young age, a lot of time and money are spent so that the child can flourish. He follows two psychotherapy sessions from the age of 2.

The parents try to educate him at the Cuiry nursery school in Gien, but the difficulties will push them very quickly to withdraw the little boy from the establishment.

He passed very close to the psychiatric hospital

Long waiting times follow to find places in specialized establishments. For example, a request for help is made to the special education and home care service. “There was no immediate availability. It took at least a year of waiting,” recalls Dominique.

The slowness of the procedures is all the more felt in the case of a potential admission to the day hospital of Châteauneuf-sur-Loire: between one and two years!

“There is a real delay in France. The waiting lists are enormous to obtain a place in a nursing home. We make files, requests. We sometimes go up to 70 pages to be renewed every six months or all. the years !”

Dominique patry (Rémy’s father)

Supporting Rémy is a joy, but “it’s very exhausting”, confides the dad.

The extenuation peaks between September 2016 to July 2017. Rémy gradually locks himself in and hardly communicates anymore. “He spent his time going around in circles doing his OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder, editor’s note), describes Dominique. Rémy had become a real “zombie”, to the point that his integration into a psychiatric hospital was scheduled for his return from his summer vacation. “

These same summer vacations will ultimately “save” him. After this stay in connection with Social Action, Rémy returns to a different, more fulfilled state of mind. “I had to fight for him to go on vacation”, insists his father, happy with the progress made since by his son.

Rémy’s father confides that his son is in constant need of attention.

Today, Rémy turns out to be “a very cheerful young man who smiles most of the time and is aware of his surroundings “, even if his anxieties can still leave him in the grip of certain anger “which can be very excessive, overwhelming and unpredictable”.

A balance that Dominique and Danielle strive daily to tip in the right direction. Each day is enough its trouble and each victory for Rémy is worth all these efforts.

Thomas derais