October 16, 2021

Coulans-sur-Gée: passionate about creative hobbies, she created her micro-business

Charlotte Gaignard wishes to develop creative leisure activities through her company CréArt’Scrap in Coulans-sur-Gée (Sarthe). (© Les Nouvelles de Sablé)

Passionate about creative hobbies, Charlotte Gaignard launched her micro-enterprise “CréArt’Scrap” in Coulans-sur-Gée (Sarthe).

Scrapbooking is the heart of its activity, a principle which aims to enhance one or more photographs on paper or cardboard.

“It’s an evolving art coming from the United States. It is a collaborative, fun and creative activity that can be practiced perfectly with several people ”, indicates the manager.

From now on, the Sarthoise wishes to develop and perpetuate its business with individuals and associations.

From card to creative album

With its know-how and various supports (templates, cardboard, paper, cutouts, finishes, etc.), Charlotte offers various activities ranging from the card to offer to the photographic album as well as many other personalized creations.

“I have been passionate about creative hobbies for over 15 years. Previously, I worked under the status of VDI (independent home seller) but recently I made the decision to create a micro-enterprise, ”she explains.

Workshops offered

To practice in good conditions, she carried out work in her house in order to create a room entirely devoted to her professional activity.

“After setting up a business, the most difficult thing is to make yourself known and build up a network of contacts. I offer creative leisure workshops around scrapbooking for children, adolescents and adults on the occasion of birthdays or other events. For children, I adapt according to age and their desires. “

Charlotte also offers workshops for hyperactive children, lacking in concentration or having attention disorders.

“They take place in 45 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes depending on the children, their ages and their disorders. During this session, we do different manual, educational and other activities.

Before the first workshop, a time for discussion with the family takes place. The children are alone or in groups (maximum 3 children) and the sessions take place mainly on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. “

According to requests, Charlotte moves within a radius of 30 kilometers around Coulans-sur-Gée.

“I communicate through flyers, a Facebook page. Once a month I am present at the La Moncesière farm located in the town. For workshops, a monthly schedule is offered and children are welcome from 4 years old. Internship days are possible. “

Confections for dolls

In addition, Charlotte also has skills in the field of couture but in a very specific area.

“I make accessories and clothes, but only for the dolls. Currently, I work mainly with individuals and I therefore wish to develop my activity with associations, communities, schools, leisure centers, establishments for the elderly, etc. “

Contact: Tel at 06 18 31 82 42. Mail: charlotte.gaignard@orange.fr

18, rue du Clôteau in Coulans-sur-Gée. CréArt’Scrap is open from Tuesday to Saturday.

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