November 28, 2021

Brendan Fraser to be the super villain of the new DC project

It’s now official: the Warner has just recruited actor Brendan Fraser to be the super villain of the Batgirl project

This is surprising news to say the least ! After a long absence, Brendan Fraser is finally finding the career he deserves. Away from filming, the actor has started for a few years to take the path to fame. According to the media Deadline, Fraser will be the super villain of the new DC project: Batgirl. The actor will therefore play a former pyromaniac firefighter, wanting to take revenge on his past. A character faithful to the one portrayed in the source comics. Son nom : Firefly.

Batgirl offers herself a super villain of choice – Credit: DC Comics

This disturbing antagonist made his first appearance in 1952 in Detective Comics. It will then be repeated many times in television shows and video games. Fraser will give the answer to the actress Leslie Grace, chosen to camp Batgirl.

Batgirl: a new super villain in sight

For the moment, few details filter on this major project. For her part, Leslie Grace seems very excited to play the super heroine. “Batgirl is a badass. She is likely to fight with a lot of people. She is a very involved woman who has a lot to prove ” thus testifies the actress. Casting side, Jacob Scipio has also confirmed his presence in the credits, without revealing more about his character. JK Simmons will reprise his role as Commissioner Gordon, previously appeared in Justice League.

We also know that a “variant” of Batman will also be in the game.. Impossible for the moment to know if it will be Ben Affleck, Pattinson or a new actor. The Pattinson hypothesis seems the least plausible, however, The Batman not an integral part of the DCEU. The official information should therefore be confirmed shortly. The director of the project still wishes to keep the mystery.

This new project is already promising to be very exciting. With a distribution of choice, Batgirl may well make the happiness of the fans. Logically, the film is expected by 2023. Still a little patience!

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Source : CBR